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Kiflo is a partner relationship management solution designed to assist businesses with deal registrations, partner onboarding, lead sharing, reward programs, and more. Administrators can accept or refuse deals according to require...Read more about Kiflo

5.0 (4 reviews)

Zomentum PartnerAlign

PartnerAlign is a partner management solution that directly aligns SaaS vendors and their partners' daily revenue-generating activities through Zomentum's all-in-one partner-led revenue platform. PartnerAlign enables SaaS vendor...Read more about Zomentum PartnerAlign

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Salesforce for Automotive

Salesforce Automotive CRM is an auto dealership management solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to performance tracking, customer engagement, lead management, and more on a centralized platform. It enables t...Read more about Salesforce for Automotive

5.0 (1 reviews)

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Grow your revenue and profits with intelligent sales automation with Sales Cloud. Help every rep be more efficient. Close more deals. Collect cash faster. Boost growth and profit with intelligent automation and integrated tools fr...Read more about Salesforce Sales Cloud

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Rallyware increases distributed workforce performance by triggering the right activity for the right person at the right time to drive the right behaviors. A single app comprising learning and development, incentives and recogniti...Read more about Rallyware

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Impartner PRM

At Impartner, our business is helping you grow yours. Our Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Partner Marketing Automation (PMA) solutions help companies accelerate revenue and profitability through their indirect sales cha...Read more about Impartner PRM

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Allbound offers a channel management platform for organizations looking to build or expand indirect sales channels that include resellers, distributors, VARs, agents, dealers, OEMs, ISVs and systems integrators. With Allbound...Read more about Allbound

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Elioplus PRM

Elioplus PRM is a cloud-based partner management solution, designed to assist enterprises with deal registration, content management, lead distribution, and more. The software allows vendors to check current and past deals, set ...Read more about Elioplus PRM


Channeltivity is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses automate and streamline various partner relationship management (PRM) processes, such as lead distribution, onboarding and more. Professionals can provide partners with...Read more about Channeltivity

4.6 (5 reviews)


Magentrix extends your CRM for partner relationship management (PRM) portals and customer portals. Deliver content, share information and engage your partners and customers with a completely customizable and branded portal that ma...Read more about Magentrix

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Crossbeam is a cloud-based partner management software designed to help businesses connect with partners, prospects and opportunities to improve ROI across the organization. Key features account mapping, data import, user roles ma...Read more about Crossbeam

4.0 (4 reviews)


StructuredWeb is a channel marketing automation platform. With the shift to remote work and distributed teams, channel partners are in more demand than ever, helping businesses make smart technology investments. But too often, ve...Read more about StructuredWeb

5.0 (2 reviews)


Mindmatrix is a channel management and sales enablement solution that helps businesses to streamline processes related to lead generation, marketing automation, digital asset management, and more on a centralized platform. With th...Read more about Mindmatrix

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Partner Portal

Partner Portal is a cloud-based partner management solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to commission calculation, lead tracking, partner registration, and more on a centralized platform. It allows partners ...Read more about Partner Portal

4.8 (5 reviews)

Partner Insight

Partner Insight is a partner management platform that streamlines partner onboarding, accelerated channel revenue and exchanges customer data. Automate partner engagement, reporting and data sharing to grow revenue faster. ...Read more about Partner Insight

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Unifize takes a totally different approach to quality management operations. It is infinitely configurable to every quality process, meaning we map to your processes and not the other way around. Unifize brings people, processes a...Read more about Unifize


GlassHive helps tech companies of all sizes including MSPs, MSSPs, VARs, vendors and more manage marketing and sales processes. It includes CRM, email marketing, sales management, tasks, integrations, marketing plans, collateral b...Read more about GlassHive

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PartnerActivate is a cloud-based channel management platform that helps businesses manage partner engagement. It offers a suite of products for engaging, enabling, growing and measuring business partners. Key features include stat...Read more about PartnerActivate

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xAmplify is a partner management software designed to help businesses manage asset libraries, deal registrations and omnichannel social media campaigns. The platform enables managers to track the allocation of market development f...Read more about xAmplify

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Zift Solutions

Zift is a cloud-based channel management and marketing solution, which assists medium to large sized businesses with revenue analysis and campaign management. Its key features include content marketing, analytics, a media library ...Read more about Zift Solutions

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Software Applications for Partner Management

As a growing company, have you wondered how to effectively manage partner relationships in order to scale your business to new levels?

Partner management software helps channel sales managers and channel marketers from a company connect with third-party vendors (typically referred to as partners) and automate several parts of the partner management process. Partner management applications function as a centralized platform to serve partners by optimizing product information sharing, marketing materials, and other key parts of partner communication and collaboration processes.

This guide will help you understand what partner management software is, as well as the various factors that must be considered when choosing a partner management software solution.

Here’s what we'll cover:

What is partner management software?

Partner management software is a system of business processes and features that enable channel marketers to communicate and engage with their partners.

With a partner management application, sales marketers can effectively manage and automate their reseller pipeline on an online portal that can offer partners insight on leads, progress, and future opportunities. Partner management solutions also help sales companies create custom partner portals, reward their sales teams, track sales leads, manage deal registration, and more.

Common features of sales performance management software

While features vary from product to product, partner management software typically offers some or all of the following functionality:

Lead management

Store information about leads and contacts, and track them throughout the sales process.


Familiarize new clients, stakeholders, or employees with the company, a new location, or a service.

Partner portal

Access a web-based portal that helps distributors, partners, and other service providers access marketing and sales content.

Access controls and permissions

Regulate who can view and use the system by setting permissions and issuing passwords.

Channel management

View leads received from various distribution channels in a centralized location.

Collaboration tools

Access a channel for team members to share media files, communicate, and work together.

Content management

Create, update, and monitor content accuracy. Ensure brand consistency for all written materials for stakeholder distribution.

Deal management

Define specific parameters to negotiate and secure sales.

Lead distribution

Route and distribute your leads to third-party buyers.

Performance metrics

Access a set of indicators that track how well an organization, division, or particular project is performing.

What type of buyer are you?

  • Startups and small businesses: These buyers often have limited budgets and tend to register their leads via spreadsheets. This method of sales tracking and monitoring tends to be prone to errors and can result in an unmanageable pipeline as business speeds up. Adopting a partner management system will enable startups and small businesses to better manage and maintain partner relationships as their business grows by automating various parts of partner interactions, such as lead tracking efforts and deal management processes.

  • Midsize enterprises and large businesses: These buyers usually have a vast collection of partners that they need help managing. Midsize enterprises and large businesses are looking for a reliable, secure partner management software solution to help them effectively track and monitor a large number of partner relationships. With the help of a partner management system, these buyers will be able to increase channel manager productivity by automating vendor-partner communications and enabling partner self-servicing.

Benefits of sales performance management software

  • Enables the scaling of partnerships: Considering that most sales businesses work with a large number of third-party vendors, it can seem impossible for channel managers to delegate ample time to each individual partner. Partner management software encourages smaller partners to seek the information they need independently, allowing the sales company’s channel managers to focus their attention on larger, more strategic partnerships.

  • Streamlines ordering and distribution: Ordering products for partner distribution is a time-consuming process for channel managers. Implementing a partner management system allows partners to efficiently order parts on their own, helping channel managers to focus on other tasks.

  • Fosters collaborative vendor relationships: Partners often have feedback, questions, and concerns that they expect the supplier companies they partner with to appropriately address in a timely manner. Partner management software enables partners to contribute new ideas, raise concerns, and address pressing topics as soon as they come up. On the other hand, sales companies are able to view and respond to partner communications via a user-friendly portal.

  • Enables marketing and brand management: By implementing guidelines on your partner management software solution of choice, your channel managers can ensure that all partners have access to the most recent version of your materials, encouraging brand compliance.

Key considerations for purchasing a partner management software

  • Data sharing limits between multiple partners: Partner management software requires users to build custom channels for each individual partner, which means your sales team will have to build and maintain a new channel for each partner your company obtains. For sales teams that wish to share data with unlimited partners, partner management software may add more frustrations to partner relationship processes than necessary.

  • Lack of partner acceptance: It is possible for your company's partners to feel unenthusiastic about using a partner management system. This mostly occurs when a vendor company implements the partner management software with no clear action plan or discussion of how the software operates. When this happens, partners become uninspired and veer away from actually using the platform to communicate with channel sales managers. It's crucial to arouse partner excitement and inform partners of the software implementation ahead of time to avoid a lack of partner support.

Market trends to understand

When seeking out a partner management solution for your business, be sure to consider the following market trend:

Emergence of Chief Ecosystem Officer positions: Since partner ecosystems are growing more complex by the day, it will become increasingly important to strategically plan sales channel development efforts and forge long-lasting relationships with current and potential partners. In light of this, a new position will emerge within the sales industry, titled Chief Ecosystem Officer, whose responsibilities will include making sales projections, setting budgets, and achieving company sales goals. In the future, your organization will most likely need to employ a Chief Ecosystem Officer to ultimately be responsible for connecting the partner management system and sales managers with the goals of the rest of the company’s ecosystem, including the product development, marketing, and customer service sectors.