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Built on the Ninite platform, Ninite Pro is a patch management solution that can be used to patch and secure software in a live web interface. With Ninite Pro, businesses can obtain a real-time interactive view of all machines and utilize simple point-and-click management to issue install/update/uninstall commands for offline/online machines. Ninite Pro is used by NASA, SONY, NIH, Lockheed Martin, Tupperware, and more to secure software only any remote machine. Ninite Pro splits out each machine into a row and each app into a column for intuitive management. Users are able to select an individual cell or multiple cells to update, install, or uninstall an app on a machine. For policy automation, Ninite Pro is able to set auto-update policies to apply updates to any mac...

Ninite Pro Pricing

Ninite Pro offer a 21-day free trial for new users, after which the software is available for each machine. Pricing and functionality - outlined below - scales with the number of machines: 20000 machines - $5115 / month 5000 machines - $1365 / month 1000 machines - $365 / month 250 machines - $135 / month 50 machines - $35 / month

Starting price: 

$35.00 per month

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Not Available


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