eJeeva Dealer Portal software

1 reviews(4.0/5)
1 reviews(4.0/5)

eJeeva Dealer Portal is a cloud-based e-commerce website portal designed for wholesale distributors of all sizes in manufacturing, distribution and retail. It offers content management, document management, file sharing and searching functionalities within a suite.

eJeeva Dealer Portal features a “Virtual Storefront” tool, which allows distributors to link their products directly to dealers. The portal also integrates with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, which provides dealers with the access to product content such as screenshots and brochures. The Adobe InDesign integration allows users to create customized catalogs using content from the portal.

eJeeva Dealer Portal also offers real-time pricing, which reflects on dealer websites as soon as a distributor has updated it. The software allows users to track their inventory levels and flags them if the levels are low.

eJeeva Dealer Portal is mobile responsive, and is accessible from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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  • Jack from SMA

    February 2017

    Fast and Flexible

    Value for Money

    SMA has been working with eJeeva for several years now. They provided a service we had wanted for years, one that we had very little luck fulfilling until we found eJeeva. We needed a way to provide our retail store customers, farm parts dealers mainly, an option to have their own web storefront to advertise and sell the parts we provide to them. Most of our customers do not have dedicated IT staff to build and manage such websites, so the offering had to be easy to use and automatic. The Dealer Portal is a perfect fit and was exactly what we were looking for; we were up and running within a few weeks, with a few tweaks for our special needs. The requirements for the dealer and for SMA are minimal to get up and running and new dealers are added and setup quickly, depending on their specific demands. However, to be successful, dealers will need to practice good SEO and marketing to draw traffic to their website.

    Review Source: Capterra
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