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About AlchemyWorks Projects

AlchemyWorks Projects is a cloud-based project management solution for small and midsize businesses. Key features include scheduling, document management, communication management, workflow management and risk management. Project managers can also structure the projects by business units and then create tasks and sub-tasks to execute the project. AlchemyWorks Projects enables users to attach documents to a particular customer or project. It allows managers to assign work to team members on the basis of skill set, location or availability. AlchemyWorks Projects offers a user dashboard that displays pending projects sorted by involvement level. It also enables administrators to assign role-based permissions and allow suppliers, contractors and customers to view ...

AlchemyWorks Projects Pricing

Standard: FREE (5 users, 100 projects). Professional: $3.99/user/month. Enterprise: $5.99/user/month. Document management functionality is available for an additional charge of $1.15/GB/month.

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$2.99 per month

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