Top Asana Competitors:
The Best Asana Alternatives for Your Business

The market for project portfolio management, an advanced type of project management software, is expected to nearly double in revenue by 2020, reaching about $4.6 billion worldwide.

With so many options, it’s tempting to simply choose the largest and most visible of the competitors. However, you should research the vendor landscape to find a system that meets all of your planning, budgeting, task management and collaboration needs.

Asana is a popular choice that offers comprehensive features at an affordable price, as well as a useful free version. But as a software seeker, you want to review all of your options before making such an important investment.

asana dashboard

Dashboard view showing events in Asana

Below, we highlight five project management alternatives to Asana—some are commonly asked-about systems and some are rated highly by users.

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Most Asked-About Asana Alternatives

These three alternatives were determined by tracking search volume for terms related to Asana comparisons.

Note: you can learn more about our Alternatives methodology here.


Trello is a project management system with a focus on its visual collaboration board, which includes a view of various projects and “cards” within each. These cards can include images, text and other attachments, and serve to show progress throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Trello users can also add checklists for tasks, new members to an existing project and due dates to keep everyone on track.

Trello offers a free version with limited file storage. Paid versions include additional integration options, increased file storage and priority email support.


Basecamp is a cloud-based project management tool to help teams collaborate, share files and complete tasks with checklists.

While the system doesn’t offer more advanced project management features, such as resource management, budgeting or reporting, Basecamp’s simple, easy-to-use interface can be used by teams in any industry to track basic tasks.

The cloud-based nature of Basecamp allows for a great deal of flexibility, as users can sign in on any web browser or internet-enabled device. In this way, the system is ideal for teams with a mobile workforce.


Possibly the most popular project management system, Slack users can chat and share documents over open, private and direct messaging channels, drag and drop files, add comments and search for items.

Slack’s iOS and Android apps provide mobile access. The software can also incorporate social media so that promotional and marketing teams can see any social activity related to a project or campaign.

The free version includes limited functionality, while the Standard and Plus versions offer more comprehensive features and increased file storage space.

Top User-Rated Asana Alternatives

The following two systems are not as well-known as those above, but are highly rated by real users on Software Advice.


FunctionFox boasts functionality for billing and time tracking, and even includes a stopwatch timer. Additionally, the system offers core project, task and resource management, collaboration tools, reporting and project scheduling.

Its interface is simple for improved ease-of-use, and the CEO desktop tab shows detailed views of projects, with total project time, deadlines and estimated costs versus actual. Individual project status pages display charts and reports that users can manipulate to dive into specific data.

FunctionFox doesn’t currently offer a free version, though its introductory Classic version provides significant functionality starting at $35 per month for the first user.


Intuit, a company known for its accounting and tax preparation software, also offers QuickBase, a cloud-based project management system. Designed for any size team, the system offers collaboration and workflow automation tools.

A helpful aspect of QuickBase is the ability to customize forms, fields, dashboards and tables to match how your company operates, without the need for a programmer or IT personnel.

Quickbase also integrates with a variety of other applications, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Quickbooks to ensure all information related to a project can be found, shared and modified within the same system.

No free version exists, but pricing for QuickBase begins at $15 per user per month. This option includes core features, reporting and mobile apps.

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