Top Evernote Competitors:
The Best Evernote Alternatives for Your Business

The modern workplace is becoming more complex, as employees are bombarded with dozens of emails, task notifications, project updates and deadlines each day. Businesses need a streamlined system to manage the deluge of messages and alerts.

Unfortunately, 71 percent of employees surveyed say they use email to collaborate with peers on projects in the workplace. However, this method simply doesn’t offer the best tools to do so; email users can’t see project workflows or collaborate efficiently.

Evernote is a popular project management option, with features that support businesses of all types and sizes. The cloud-based system includes project collaboration tools, scheduling and task management, included in the free Basic plan. The Premium plan offers more features, such as document management functionality.

Finally, Evernote’s Business plan offers all the features included in the others, with added customization and control of administrative functionality.

Evernote may not be the best choice for every organization, however. For that reason, we’ve created a list of alternatives to aid you in the search for the system that will meet your needs. This list is divided into:

Most Asked-About Evernote Alternatives

These first three alternatives are project management systems that are searched most often in relation to Evernote. OneNote, for example, is often searched for using a term like “OneNote vs Evernote.”

Note: you can learn more about our Alternatives methodology here.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft’s OneNote is the system most often searched alongside Evernote, likely due to its ability to easily integrate with the Microsoft Office suite of applications. OneNote can also be accessed from nearly any device.

OneNote users can create notebooks for each project, then create pages within those notebooks to store any type of application file, image, link and even audio recordings or drawings. These notebooks can then be shared with a custom list of people.

OneNote offers a free version and also Business plans starting at $5 per user per month, which vary in storage size. Higher-priced plans include increased data loss prevention and information protection.

Google Keep

Google Keep is another commonly searched application. It offers limited but useful functionality. Essentially, Google Keep is a place to record text and voice notes, lists, images and links. This content syncs with Google Drive for easy access from a variety of devices and locations.

The greatest aspect of Google Keep is the speed at which users can create voice notes or snap photos, and the ease with which users can share saved content with others. Voice notes are automatically transcribed, which increases the efficiency of note taking on-the-go, and users can set location- or time-based notifications for to-dos.

The application is free as long as you have a Google account; no professional or business version is available.

Combine Keep With Other Google Apps to Increase Functionality

For those who prefer Google applications over Microsoft, or already use other Google products, pairing Keep with Google Docs, Drive and Calendar can offer similar functionality as Evernote and Microsoft OneNote. The notes created in Keep can be exported as Docs directly into Drive, and reminders and notes with specific times will show up on Google Calendar automatically.


Wunderlist is another commonly searched Evernote alternative offering similar features. Users can create multiple lists, folders, customizable reminders and share projects with others.

Some standout features include the ability to turn an email into a note in Wunderlist by forwarding it to a specific address, and adding comments to projects for increased collaboration. Also, users can tag projects or other items with hashtags for simpler filtering and searching.

Wunderlist is available in several versions: a free version includes notes and comments, while the Pro version offers unlimited assignments, files and subtasks for $4.99 per month or $49 per year. The Business version includes billing functionality and team management tools for $4.99 per user per month or $49 per user per year.

Top User-Rated Evernote Alternatives

In addition to number of searches, we also have a couple of Evernote alternatives based on high user ratings on Software Advice.

Important note: The previous three systems cater to individuals who need to take notes as well as businesses who need project management capabilities. The following two systems are focused on providing project management capabilities to small, medium and enterprise-level businesses.


With 14 reviews and 4.9 stars out of five, Timereaction is a popular project management system among Software Advice users. It provides a color-coded calendar view for task scheduling, a Gantt chart feature for project tracking and workflows for purchasing. These are all shareable with other team members.

The software enables users to establish custom processes for workflows and permissions so only qualified users can access sensitive project management settings and information. Teams can also collaborate on projects via instant messaging within the application.

Collaboration capabilities are a point of praise for many reviewers:

“Timereaction considerably reduces the amount of emails and the time wasted searching for them. All pertinent information is grouped into threads of conversation, in one place and chronological order, simplifying follow-up.” - Mary Ann from UFO Group

Timereaction offers four versions: Starter ($100 per month), Standard ($250 per month) and Pro ($500 per month) increase in price with additional storage, more users and better support services. The Enterprise version offers the most functionality and storage; companies must contact the vendor for Enterprise pricing.


FunctionFox, another project management system with a nearly perfect rating, tracks an unlimited number of clients and projects, and offers a personal calendar view, invoicing, estimates and customizable reporting for expenses, productivity and other metrics. The system also provides a dashboard that displays user-defined KPIs such as employee hours, open to-dos, open projects and costs.

The software is particularly suited for creative teams, such as those in graphic design, advertising, PR and marketing. Its user interface is uncluttered, and a navigation menu is easily accessible at the left of the screen.

Several reviewers praise this ease-of-use:

“The product is extremely user friendly and has accomplished all of my needs and wants. I had never used the product before and I picked it up in very short period of time, which is great! It has kept me on track in the workplace and has made my job easier, more efficient and effective!” -Gabriela from DZAP Group

FunctionFox offers three versions: Classic ($5 per user per month), Premier ($10 per user per month) and In-House ($15 per user per month). Each offers core features and free support; more expensive versions include more advanced notification and reporting capabilities.

Next Steps

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