Top JIRA Competitors:
The Best JIRA Alternatives for Your Business

Every day, Software Advice helps companies find the right solution for managing their organization’s project management strategies and objectives. Analysis of conversations between our expert advisors and business owners reveals that 60 percent of these buyers are purchasing project management software for the first time.

For many small and midsize businesses, Atlassian’s JIRA software is a great option for their first project management system. JIRA includes features often requested by project managers, such as:

  • Task and issue management (requested by 70 percent)
  • In-depth reporting capabilities (requested by 49 percent)

JIRA also includes easy-to-use Kanban and Scrum boards for agile teams to manage workflows and productivity. Our research indicates that Kanban tools are vital to any project management team looking to establish agile principles.

But JIRA isn’t the only option for agile and other project management teams that want to start using software tools—there are some great JIRA alternatives for you to choose from. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the most asked-about and top user-rated JIRA competitors to help narrow your selection.

While each of these solutions are a viable alternative to JIRA, remember: Each one brings with it a different set of features, so take your time when choosing the best project management system for your organization.

Most Asked-About JIRA Alternatives

Our first category of JIRA alternatives includes the project management systems that are most often searched for alongside JIRA. For example, we chose our first most asked-about JIRA alternative, Rally Software, because it’s the most searched for project management software after JIRA.

To compile this list of alternatives, we use various tools to examine how often these products are searched in combination with JIRA.

Note: you can learn more about our Alternatives methodology here.


Rally Software is based on lean and agile project management perspectives that are similar to those Jira is built on. Rally offers dashboards for single-team views, which can be customized for Kanban or Scrum boards, as well as other agile approaches, such as burndowns, burnups, velocity and flow reports.

Outside of agile principles, Rally features team collaboration tools that include group chat and chat threading. Unlike JIRA, Rally is solely a cloud-based project management software option.


Trello is the second most asked-about alternative to JIRA. It is a cloud-based project management solution featuring a Kanban card wall interface. Users can easily select and move cards from one board to another, indicating the status of a project or task.

Trello makes it easy to illustrate tasks with images, making it a great visual collaboration tool. Trello also makes it easy to share files, add notes and to-do lists to cards and assign tasks to other members.

Top User-Rated JIRA Alternatives

For the next set of JIRA alternatives, we analyzed Software Advice reviews data to find the top user-rated JIRA competitors. For reference, JIRA has an average rating of 3.6 out of five stars with 70 reviews on Software Advice as of this writing. You can check out JIRA’s reviews here.

Products already identified as most asked-about JIRA alternatives (e.g., Rally) are omitted from this category.


Slack tops our list of user-rated alternatives to JIRA, with 4.52 out of five stars based on 27 reviews on Software Advice.

Slack is a project management tool that primarily enables communication between users.

It features:

  • Public channels for organization-wide communication
  • Private channels for team-specific communication
  • Direct messaging to communicate one-on-one with colleagues

Within these channels, Slack enables drag-and-drop functionality for sharing files with other users.

Slack also offers cross-channel integrations with social media that enable users to see a live feed of all their social properties in the back end. All messages are archived so they can be easily found later. Users can also control the number of notifications they receive.


Next on the list is Intuit’s QuickBase, with 4.5 out of five stars and 39 reviews on Software Advice.

QuickBase enables users to collaborate on projects with colleagues, clients and even vendor partners. It’s highly configurable and offers many add-on options and applications.

At its core are project management tools, such as to-do lists, task management and assignments and various notifications and deadline alerts. QuickBase offers customizable progress, summary reports and even time card capabilities to track resources used at the task level.


Rounding out our list of top-rated alternatives to JIRA is Box, which has 4.47 out of five stars and 38 user reviews on Software Advice.

Whereas Slack specializes in communication, Box specializes in content sharing. It supports a user-friendly platform for securely sharing documents, folders and other assets via simple web links.

Box is a cloud-based platform, but a desktop folder provides access to content even while offline. The folder then syncs and updates automatically when connected to the internet. Box also offers a mobile app for securely accessing shared documents remotely..

Next Steps

While JIRA may be a perfectly acceptable option to meet your project management needs, there are several other alternatives that could work for your specific requirements.

Here are a few next steps to take when evaluating your project management software options:

  • Explore our project management buyer’s guide. You’ll find user reviews and profiles for the JIRA alternatives listed above, as well as many others.
  • Call us at (855) 998-8505 to connect with one of our experienced project management software advisors, who will work with you to provide a shortlist of the best systems for your needs. Recommendations are made based on IT and budgetary resources, necessary capabilities, size of your team and more. The best part is: We do it for free—you just have to call!