Top Slack Competitors:
The Best Slack Alternatives for Your Business

When it comes to team collaboration and communication software, Slack is a popular option. It offers various communication channels based on targeted internal audiences. For example, public messages can be sent organization-wide, whereas private channels can target smaller teams. Slack also features direct messaging that enables one-to-one communication.

Within Slack’s tool set is the ability to send and share files from team to team and colleague to colleague. Slack also offers integrations with social channels and provides a live feed of social properties. Its cloud-based model and iOS and Android apps make it a great fit for teams constantly on the go.

But, Slack likely doesn’t offer all the robust project management tools your team needs. And, our research shows that 60 percent of project teams prefer using fully featured project management software to communicate and collaborate.

That’s why we created this collection of Slack alternatives to help narrow your selection. The list is divided into:

Slack, like most of the alternatives listed below, offers a free version and tiered monthly subscription-based upgrades, based on the number of users.

Additionally, many project management software options, such as Asana and Trello, which are featured below, offer Slack integration. So, some of the following options may be adopted in addition to Slack.

Most Asked-About Slack Alternatives

Our first Slack alternatives category features project management software that’s searched most often in conjunction with Slack. For example, HipChat is our first most asked-about Slack alternative because it has the most online searches linking it with Slack (e.g., HipChat vs Slack).

Note: you can learn more about our Alternatives methodology here.


HipChat is our top most asked-about Slack alternative. Similar to Slack, HipChat is primarily a team collaboration platform. It features video chats and even allows screen sharing.

Hipchat is packaged as an app that’s compatible with nearly every operating system. It also supports a web app, making it truly accessible across all operating systems and devices. HipChat is a product of Atlassian, which produces the robust project management system JIRA.


Yammer is the next most asked-about of the Slack competitors. It’s Microsoft’s answer to team collaboration software. It works as an organization’s internal social network, enabling associates to create profiles, add and tag others in photos and ping coworkers using @notifications.


Unlike the first two Slack alternatives, Asana offers a host of project management features in addition to collaboration capabilities. These features include task management, project reporting, a performance dashboard and even portals for customers, vendors and other third-party associates. As previously noted, Asana also integrates with Slack.

Top User-Rated Slack Alternatives

For these Slack alternatives, we consider Software Advice reviews data to determine the highest user-rated Slack competitors. For example, Slack has an average overall rating of 4.5 out of five stars based on its 31 reviews (as of this writing). See what your peers have to say about Slack here.

Products identified in the previous section as most asked-about alternatives to Slack are not included in this category.


Trello tops our list of user-rated alternatives to Slack, with 4.52 out of five stars based on 27 reviews on Software Advice. Trello is designed for agile project management strategies. As such, its Kanban board-based project management platform is a popular choice among agile software development teams. However, Trello’s visual collaboration tools and drag-and-drop capabilities make it easy for non-developers to adopt as well.

Unlike the most-asked about Slack alternatives, Trello is a true-to-form project management platform. While collaboration capabilities are offered with Trello, its primary purposes are task management and project tracking. Thus, integrating Trello with Slack is a great combination.


Basecamp is our final Slack alternative with 4.4 out of five stars and 41 reviews on Software Advice. Basecamp offers the best of both worlds with its project management and task-tracking capabilities, as well as its collaboration and team communication features.

Basecamp offers personalized to-do lists, task assignment and due date capabilities and drag-and-drop file sharing. It’s web-based, so users can log on to respond to messages, review and administer assignment and check projects from anywhere they can access the internet.

Next Steps

While Slack and its collaboration capabilities may be all you need, the previously listed system can operate in a similar if not expanded capacity to serve all your project management needs.

Here are a few easy next steps you can take to expedite your project management platform evaluation process: