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90% of users

77% of users

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Most positive review: Most positive review:

“I absolutely love everything about Slack—the gifs, the integrations, the alerts, reminders, emoji reactions (we use this as an idea voting system), the mobile app, the bizarre workatslack.com job board and the constantly changing improvements and updates.”

- Shamita Jayakumar, Jobvite

“I’ve been using Evernote for almost one year and it is simply amazing. As a small business owner, my day is a whirlwind of tasks ranging from management to marketing to maintenance, and with Evernote I can stay organized without slowing down.”

- Ravel Ulmer, BGA

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“Slack is more expensive than Google Apps and its Plus edition is more expensive than Office 365. Given the wealth of function in those suites, and given Google Hangouts can be modified to replace most of the important features in Slack, this price is ridiculous.”

- Eric Lew, AppDirect

“The biggest problem with Evernote—and this is a BIG problem—is: They have no method for removing duplicates. And, while on first glance this might not seem like a big deal, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 files in Evernote. Imagine trying to go through 50,000 records manually, looking for duplicate records to remove.”

- Paul Griswold, Fusion Digital Productions LLC


How it's priced: How it's priced:

Slack is a cloud-based solution. You either pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for each user login.

Evernote is a cloud-based solution. You pay a monthly subscription fee for each user login.

Contract term: Contract term:

Slack requires a contract for cloud-based deployment; renewed monthly or annually. With the free version, users can cancel at anytime.

Evernote requires no contract for cloud-based deployment.

Upfront costs: Upfront costs:

No upfront fees.

No upfront fees.

Recurring costs: Recurring costs:

None, beyond subscription fees.

None, beyond subscription fees.

What does it cost?: What does it cost?:


Task management: Task management:

Time tracking: Time tracking:

Resource management: Resource management:

Reporting: Reporting:

Document management: Document management:

Issue management: Issue management:

Budgeting: Budgeting:

Ease of Use:

Overall customer rating: Customer rating:



Most positive review: Most positive review:

“Slack is a really quick communication app. The user interface is awesome, and the native mobile app allows you to be connected every time you need to be.”

- Thiago Schoba, Scheller Books

“From pics to videos, audio, whatever, Evernote has me covered! Evernote won me with its ease of use, speed and connectivity.”

- Gabriel Sheffield, EliteHealth Pharmacy Staffing

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“Starting a group and joining one are a little difficult. The process is a bit confusing and requires a lot of running around.”

- Emilee Christianson, TREKK

“Easy to collect, a little harder to find what I’m looking for. It needs more google-like magic sauce.”

- David Fox, Comperio, LLC


Overall customer rating: Customer rating:



Most positive review: Most positive review:

“I have limited experience with customer service in the past but with exceptional outcomes. Response times and information has been exceptional.”

- Miguel Gonzalez, Doctor Directory, LLC

“I haven’t had much need for the support channel because the product is so easy to use.”

- Maria Fernandez, Mari­a Fernandez Sedeao

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“Slack is overhyped and will soon be like Dropbox in search of an exit.”

- Eric Lew, AppDirect

“Like any big software company, they tend to have a hard time listening to what users want.”

- George Kairallah, GoToMyERP, LLC

Phone support: Phone support:

Not offered.

Phone support not offered.

Online case submission: Online case submission:

Online case submission available to all users.

Online case submission included in subscription fee.

Online support options: Online support options:

Help website and knowledge base included for free.

Help website, knowledge base and online community included in subscription fee.

Training: Training:

Training not offered.

“Getting started” online catalogue included in subscription fee. Online training includes webinars and/or videos.

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