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Smartag is a cloud-based project management solution targeting small to medium-sized businesses, particularly those with staff working remotely. Key features include file sharing, task management and live chat.

In its task management module, Smartag allows users to assign and monitor projects. Messages and files related to a project, including chats and hyperlinks, are stored within that project.

Smartag also lets users share files not related to specific projects. Users can create channels to share content and chat with their teams. This software also integrates with Dropbox, so users can share and save files in Dropbox, and Smartagg will automatically sync those files with relevant projects.

With Smartagg’s live chat feature, team members participate in group discussions or one-on-one chat. Files and links can be shared in the chat feature. In addition to live chat, users can also video chat their team members.

Smartag is priced on a per user per month basis. Phone and email customer support are both offered, and training is provided through Web tours and video guides. This software is offered worldwide.


Smartag - Dashboard
  • Smartag - Dashboard
  • Smartag - Monitor projects
    Monitor projects
  • Smartag - File management
    File management
  • Smartag - Video meeting log
    Video meeting log
  • Smartag - Share in live chat
    Share in live chat
  • Smartag - User activity
    User activity
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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