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OnCite is a business solution that tracks and organizes information relating to portfolio, asset, project, and property management. The system can serve a variety of different types of properties, including corporate, medical, industrial, and others. It's a great fit for larger companies managing at least 1 million square feet of space. 

OnCite includes functionality for all types of processes that occur in property management; these processes include work orders, maintenance, lease administration, financial accounting, and others. The solution has a multitude of customization options as well, allowing the user to tailor it according to different preferences.

OnCite software can integrate with existing systems, allowing a smooth adoption process. Moreover, the system can be accessed via a mobile device, as well as other portable handhelds such as the iPad. It is web-based, accessed through an Internet browser. This allows access from nearly anywhere with an Internet connection, and also makes deployment and implementation processes more straightforward for the user.

OnCite software can deliver highly specific, customizable financial reports that address the unique needs of each user. Regardless of how the system is being accessed, it can consolidate both past and present business information into one centralized place, increasing visibility throughout each part of management.

The system is designed for large and midsize property managers. OnCite is modular, scaling and expanding as the user business grows. OnCite has recently been updated with enhanced contact management, environmental and energy management tracking, and other functionality.


OnCite - Accounting
  • OnCite - Accounting
  • OnCite - Leasing
  • OnCite - Tenant Portal
    Tenant Portal
  • OnCite - Work Orders Personal View
    Work Orders Personal View
  • OnCite - Work Orders
    Work Orders
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    OnCite Home
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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