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Strategy & Research

Qualtrics CoreXM is a cloud-based platform designed to help organizations generate sales insights and optimize product prices through analysis of customer experiences in real-time. Key features include feedback collection, concept...Read more about Strategy & Research


Hotjar is an all-in-one digital experience insights platform. It’s all the tools and data you need to truly understand your users’ behavior and create engaging experiences that drive results. Get to know your users at every step o...Read more about Hotjar

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Looker, now part of Google Cloud, is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) platform designed to explore and analyze data. The solution helps businesses to capture and analyze data from multiple sources and make data-driven deci...Read more about Looker

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SurveyLab is a cloud-based survey solution that caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries. It enables users to build satisfaction surveys, conduct market research and gather employee feedback. SurveyLab offers ...Read more about SurveyLab

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CallFinder is a cloud-based call monitoring solution designed to help businesses in education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and other industry verticals manage scoring, transcribing, and analysis of cu...Read more about CallFinder


LiveSession is a product analytics solution designed to help businesses analyze customers' behavior to enhance conversion rates, revenue and user experience. Teams can use session replays to view users' activity on websites and id...Read more about LiveSession

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Phocas Software

Phocas is a team of passionate professionals who are committed to helping people feel good about their data. Our software brings together organizations’ most useful data from an ERP and other business systems and presents it in a ...Read more about Phocas Software

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Sisense goes beyond traditional business intelligence by providing organizations with the ability to infuse analytics everywhere, embedded in both customer and employee applications and workflows. Sisense customers are breaking th...Read more about Sisense

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Tableau is an integrated business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution that helps to analyze key business data and generate meaningful insights. The solution helps businesses to collect data from multiple source points such as...Read more about Tableau

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VWO Testing

VWO Testing helps businesses design, deploy and manage custom tests for websites and mobile/web applications. The platform enables organizations to create A/B, split and multivariate tests to run surveys and analyze customer exper...Read more about VWO Testing

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Customer-centric businesses want to know what issues are hurting their customer journey. But it’s hard to come up with a data-driven plan to address them. Keatext gives you a head start by analyzing feedback and generating AI-bas...Read more about Keatext


Thematic is a text analytics solution that helps enterprises collect and analyze customer feedback from various sources using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Professionals can utilize the sentiment analysis tool to identi...Read more about Thematic


Smartlook is a cloud- and mobile-based quantitative analytics solution that helps businesses of all sizes with user behavior and insights. Smartlook answers the ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind every user action. Primary featur...Read more about Smartlook

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Luminoso is a text analytics solution that helps enterprises upload, evaluate and view customer insights data using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Its multilingual capabilities enabl...Read more about Luminoso

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Wolfram Mathematica

Wolfram Mathematica is a technical computing solution that provides businesses of all sizes with tools for image processing, data visualization and theoretic experiments. The notebook interface enables users to organize documents ...Read more about Wolfram Mathematica

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Remesh is an innovative platform for engaging and understanding large groups of people online and in real-time, allowing you to have a conversation with up to 1,000 participants at once. The Remesh platform uses artificial intelli...Read more about Remesh

Applied Analytics

Applied Analytics is a cloud-based data analytics solution for businesses in the insurance industry. It offers configurable reporting tools, allows users to produce charts and graphs and lets users monitor client retention, sales ...Read more about Applied Analytics

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OpenText Magellan

OpenText Magellan is a predictive analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The platform is designed to help businesses across various industries make data-driven decisions by combining self-...Read more about OpenText Magellan

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JMP is an on-premise data analytics solution that helps scientists, engineers and data explorers understand complex data relationships and visualize them via interactive dashboards. The data acquisition and cleanup functionalities...Read more about JMP

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LivingLens is a market research solution designed to help businesses capture customer experiences and insights via videos using analytics and content recognition tools. The HIPAA-compliant platform allows healthcare providers to c...Read more about LivingLens


Accern empowers domain experts and business analysts to extract the most accurate insights from massive streams of unstructured text data–including news, social media, industry reports and internal documents—with the Accern NoCode...Read more about Accern

5.0 (1 reviews)


ARCS is a cloud-based panel management solution that helps research institutions schedule study sessions, manage participants and streamline other administrative processes. Professionals can use the dashboard to schedule appointme...Read more about ARCS

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iTracks Go is a software platform built specifically for online focus groups and interviews. It is designed for users who are developing a new product website or ad campaign and need to conduct online focus groups or a series of i...Read more about itracks


XLSTAT provides a multitude of functionality to help companies generate analysis from data according to needs. It works through an integration with Microsoft Excel and is accessible in the form of a drop-down menu. Businesses can ...Read more about XLSTAT

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Indeemo is an in-the-moment, Experience research platform for MR, UX and CX. We help researchers and designers to remotely research human needs, behaviours, journeys and experiences; in context and in-the-moment. By blending t...Read more about Indeemo

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Dovetail is a customer research solution that businesses store, share, and analyze client data. It allows teams to analyze customer feedback through surveys, interviews and other sources of information. Users can create insights ...Read more about Dovetail

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Fullstory’s behavioral data platform helps technology leaders make better, more informed decisions. By injecting digital behavioral data into their analytics stack, our patented technology unlocks the power of quality behavioral d...Read more about Fullstory

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UpMetrics is the leading impact measurement and management platform for mission-driven organizations. By combining innovative, easy-to-use technology, expert services, and a community designed around shared learning, UpMetrics is ...Read more about UpMetrics

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Cauliflower is a self-service, AI-powered customer feedback analysis tool that provides marketers and product teams with actionable insights on customer feedback. The platform surfaces the most relevant topics and their relative i...Read more about Cauliflower


évolt is a collaborative platform that helps teams and organizations to become user-centered in every aspect of their work. It provides a suite of specialized applications and tools to change the way teams think and build their pr...Read more about évolt


InfoCision is a customer support software designed to help businesses manage sales pipeline, telemarketing, outbound calling, leads and call centers. The platform enables managers to pre-fill customer data and demographics, score ...Read more about InfoCision

4.5 (2 reviews)


Analyse and discover insights into business performance, operational issues and revenue-generating activities using AI analytics. Read and prioritise customer text data collected through a range of channels within the business. Mo...Read more about Ipiphany

5.0 (1 reviews)

Affect-tag RX

Affect-tag RX is a cloud-based data intelligence solution that helps corporate businesses, research institutions and government organizations analyze customers’ behavior through cognitive indicators. Professionals can create custo...Read more about Affect-tag RX

4.0 (2 reviews)


Quirkos is a qualitative data analysis software that provides users with the tools to tag and code qualitative text data in a more engaging and intuitive way. The codes can be seen being written in real-time allowing for trends an...Read more about Quirkos


ATLAS.ti facilitates analysis of any kind of qualitative data, including text, images, videos, audio, survey responses, geo-data, notes from Evernote, articles from bibliographic reference managers, Tweets from Twitter and comment...Read more about ATLAS.ti

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Optimal Workshop

As a world leader in Information Architecture, Optimal Workshop helps over 350,000 people globally build better digital experiences for all. Our customers value the detailed insights, superior analysis and best practice visualiza...Read more about Optimal Workshop

4.4 (7 reviews)


Citibeats is an essential tool for decision-makers to make faster and better-informed decisions for a positive social impact. Citibeats allows users to detect and analyze complex and constantly evolving narratives about topics tha...Read more about Citibeats

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Userbit is an all-in-one UX research platform designed for small businesses, startups, and agencies. The platform allows users to manage the entire user research workflow in one place. The platform includes tools to manage partic...Read more about Userbit

5.0 (5 reviews)


Valutico helps users generate business valuations by powering a forecasting, peers selection, and comparable transactions analysis process on a SaaS platform delivering expert-grade results....Read more about Valutico

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Maple is a cloud-based math software that combines a math engine with an interface that makes it easier and more efficient for the user to analyze, visualize, explore, and solve mathematical problems. The software allows users t...Read more about Maple

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Maple Flow

By providing a flexible, whiteboard-style environment, Maple Flow allows design engineers to easily sketch out and formalize technical ideas, revising and reordering content with simple drag-and-drop behavior. Users can add math, ...Read more about Maple Flow

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We’re a global insights provider, that with empathy at our core, redefines the boundaries of qualitative research and emphasizes the value of being truly consumer-centric. For the past decade, we’ve strived to put more empathy i...Read more about GetWhy

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BlueML is a web-based system that helps businesses streamline comment analysis and data visualization operations. It allows professionals to gain insights into open text comments, manage workflows and analyze audience sentiments v...Read more about MLY

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EnjoyHQ enables organizations of all sizes to centralize and share customer experience data with stakeholders & team members. By deploying the EnjoyHQ repository, you'll benefit from a simple centralized system for collecting feed...Read more about EnjoyHQ


Pinecrow is a data analysis software that was designed to make life easier for Market Researchers through our two flagship solutions: 1) Survey insights: Pinecrow connects with all major survey execution platforms like Qualtrics,...Read more about Pinecrow

5.0 (1 reviews)


Designed for midsize and large businesses, Insightech is a web analytics solution that helps collect website visitor data. It enables marketers to receive insights into visitor and customer journeys across all digital assets via f...Read more about Insightech

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Power BI Connector for Jira

Power BI Connector for Jira simplifies data export to Power BI with no-code user skills, eliminating the need for analytical expertise. The application allows organizations to merge Jira with other data sources like CRM, financial...Read more about Power BI Connector for Jira

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Tableau Connector for Jira

Tableau Connector for Jira enables organizations to create multiple data sources for real-time visualization and develop actionable insights. Tableau Connector for Jira has customizable data reporting tools and offers users variou...Read more about Tableau Connector for Jira


Profiture is an enterprise resource planning solution designed for companies across various industries including retail, manufacturing, and professional services. It offers key features to help businesses manage operations. The...Read more about Profiture

4.3 (3 reviews)


EthOS is an innovative Human Insights Platform that’s revolutionizing the way companies understand customers and their experiences. We empower UX, CX, and Insights teams with advanced tools to capture omnichannel touchpoints, pr...Read more about EthOS

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Marvin is a qualitative data analysis platform & research repository, designed for product designers and researchers by product designers and researchers. You don't need to be a trained researcher to get the most out of Marvin. ...Read more about Marvin


Aurelius is a research repository and analysis platform that lets you aggregate, search, share and manage all your research data in one place. With Aurelius, you can gather the research you need to make decisions. You can then ma...Read more about Aurelius


Kapiche is a feedback analytics platform that analyses unstructured customer feedback data, empowering users to deliver better insights more quickly and positively impact their companies. The solution allows users to combine mult...Read more about Kapiche

5.0 (1 reviews)


KP16 is market research software that helps businesses with gathering, visualizing, and strategizing using consumer insights data. The main features of KP16 include benchmarking, real time data, visual analytics, customer segmenta...Read more about KPI6

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Hello Customer

Hello Customer: the AI-powered Voice of Customer platform to collect, centralize and analyze feedback, prioritize actions and confidently take business-critical decisions. -AI analysis with the highest precision and deepest leve...Read more about Hello Customer

4.3 (8 reviews)


Tupcan is a website optimization tool that allows businesses to monitor issues within eCommerce websites. Managers can gain insights into website revenue, performance and conversion rates using a centralized dashboard. Tupcan off...Read more about Tupcan

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Recollective is a qualitative data analysis software that helps businesses gain insights into collected data to spot trends and identify themes. The platform enables managers to define personalized variables and visualize data thr...Read more about Recollective

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Sigma Computing

Sigma is an award-winning modern business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform purpose-built for the cloud. With Sigma, anyone can use the spreadsheet functions and formulas they already know to explore live data at cloud scal...Read more about Sigma Computing

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NovaceneAI Platform

The NovaceneAI Platform facilitates collaboration between business users and data scientists. The Platform makes it easy for business users without a data science background to apply AI to their projects. The Platform also allows ...Read more about NovaceneAI Platform

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Power BI Connector for ServiceNow

Power BI Connector for ServiceNow is a convenient ServiceNow Power BI integration app that allows users to easily export ServiceNow data to Microsoft Power BI. Power BI Connector for ServiceNow has a smart application architectur...Read more about Power BI Connector for ServiceNow


- Smarter Segmentation in HubSpot: Predict, Engage, and Convert Like Never Before Thalox revolutionises your marketing approach by leveraging advanced AI to predict how likely your contacts are to engage with your campaigns. It t...Read more about Thalox

4.6 (8 reviews)


Notably is an all-in-one research platform thoughtfully designed for your workflow. Our vision is to make research a part of every day work, and we want to set your research up for success from the very beginning. As a tool that i...Read more about Notably

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Predict is a leading attention AI app designed to accurately predict customer attention, allowing businesses to optimize all of their visual assets before publication. Predict is an AI-powered online attention tool that accurate...Read more about Predict

5.0 (2 reviews)


Intellicus is a Business Intelligence and Analytics platform. It offers an end-to-end BI solution, covering the complete spectrum of business intelligence – from Data Extraction and Data Processing to Delivery of Insights. Key fea...Read more about Intellicus

WebMaxy Analyzer

Webmaxy Analyzer provides real-time user insights, heatmaps, surveys and polls, funnel view and form analytics. Get access to your users’ journey videos and know the features that appeal the most to your customers. By knowing your...Read more about WebMaxy Analyzer

5.0 (1 reviews)


Qemotion is an emotional and semantic analysis solution that helps businesses of all sizes analyze the feedback from employees and customers. The platform enables organizations to view reviews from TrustPilot, Google, Amazon, Crit...Read more about Qemotion

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Seenka helps businesses obtain relevant media data from Latin America in real-time for clients' audiences with all-in-one datasets for marketing & research teams. It analyzes and integrates the cross-media visibility of brands a...Read more about Seenka

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The Chattermill Unified Customer Intelligence Platform helps businesses unlock their customer reality. Using Chattermill, companies can unify their customer feedback data across reviews, support tickets, conversations, and social ...Read more about Chattermill

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Clootrack is an intelligent customer experience analytics platform that helps D2C brands understand the reasons why CX scores like NPS, CSAT, Star ratings drop. Our powerful AI-driven engine gathers and analyzes billions of custom...Read more about Clootrack

5.0 (1 reviews)

Zoho PageSense

Zoho PageSense is a web-based conversion optimization and personalization solution designed to help businesses across various industry verticals measure key website metrics, understand online behaviour and provide visitors with a ...Read more about Zoho PageSense


QualSights is a consumer insights platform that enables brands to gain insights and collect real-time consumer feedback by remotely observing and engaging with consumers in their natural environments. QualSights blends qualitativ...Read more about QualSights

4.0 (2 reviews)


unitQ is a customer experience management platform that provides real-time insights into product quality and customer sentiment. It is designed for customer support teams, product managers, and executives in SaaS and eCommerce com...Read more about unitQ

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Tatvam uses Machine Learning and AI to analyze all your guest feedback comments (online reviews, email surveys, support emails, etc.) and immediately show you what your guests are saying and how they feel about any specific area o...Read more about Tatvam

4.5 (2 reviews)


AlphaSense is a market intelligence platform that helps knowledge professionals surface and track insights from millions of documents across earnings, broker research, company documents, expert calls, and more. AlphaSense’s AI-ba...Read more about AlphaSense

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Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a tool that captures how visitors interact with websites. It is free, easy to use, and can be set up quickly. The tool provides heatmaps that highlight the page areas that drive the most visitor engagement. ...Read more about Microsoft Clarity

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X-Fly is a technology solution that can help businesses improve the quality of their insights collection, enhance the way different stakeholders consume the most important insights, create feedback loops between those that collect...Read more about X-Fly

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Triple Whale

Triple Whale is a marketing attribution platform that helps bsuinesses manage analytics, attribution, and creative for the Shopify stores. It provides attribution data from various channels and campaigns, creative insights, cohort...Read more about Triple Whale

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s.360 is a cloud-based life underwriting solution for insurers and reinsurers. The modular ecosystem fits any project or size of the company, allowing users to automate their underwriting processes, preset case journeys, and struc...Read more about s.360

5.0 (3 reviews)


Draxlr is a next-generation BI tool that integrates with SQL database and generates insights to help you make better business decisions. It enables users to build stunning dashboards, reports, and visualizations easily. Features i...Read more about Draxlr

5.0 (1 reviews) is an AI-powered customer data platform that helps businesses automate enrichment, research, customer insights, firmographics, and behavioral analytics. Its key features include AI personas and behavioral segmentation, ...Read more about

5.0 (2 reviews)

Stratio Data Fabric

Designed for midsize and large businesses in banking, healthcare, retail and other industries, Stratio Data Fabric is a cloud-based software that helps streamline data management on a centralized dashboard. With its generative AI ...Read more about Stratio Data Fabric

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Make Opinion

MakeOpinion is a market research platform that bridges the gap between companies and their customers around the world. The platform acts as a bridge between your company and its clients or potential customers. Make Opinion convert...Read more about Make Opinion

Learn More is an all-in-one sales and marketing tool incorporating multiple features in three suites: Connect, Analyze & Convert. Connect: Instant and prompt engagement with website visitors through an AI-powered live chat ...Read more about

Gems Notes

Gems Notes is a qualitative data analysis tool that helps businesses manage UX research, transcribe interviews, write journals and more. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to suggest tags based on note c...Read more about Gems Notes

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Flywheel is a medical imaging data management and AI platform that streamlines the massive tasks of data discovery, aggregation, and curation. It automates research workflows to accelerate imaging research and AI development for l...Read more about Flywheel

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Apteco FastStats

FastStats is a data analysis software that allows marketers to gain actionable insights from customer data. The software unifies all customer information into a single view for intelligent data exploration, visualization, and mini...Read more about Apteco FastStats

4.8 (9 reviews)


How quickly can you get answers from your data? Meet DataGPT: Your personal AI analyst bringing you instant analysis as effortless as talking to your data. Accelerate revenue growth, save time, and reduce costs. Here’s How: 1)...Read more about DataGPT

5.0 (4 reviews)


Pendo is a product management solution that helps businesses in educational technology, healthcare and financial services streamline operations related to customer retention, user onboarding, product planning and more. It enables ...Read more about Pendo

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Valona Intelligence

Valona Intelligence is the most advanced market and competitive intelligence solution in the market. Powered by a combination of the world's best-trained AI and the sharpest human analysts, Valona delivers reliable insights to mor...Read more about Valona Intelligence

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YouGov Surveys: Self-serve

The YouGov Surveys: Self-serve interface allows users to build, distribute and analyse their surveys without any technical expertise. Our approach seamlessly combines the best parts of traditional survey tools with contemporary fe...Read more about YouGov Surveys: Self-serve

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The Aware platform enables organizations to proactively discover, classify, secure, and manage data It solves for governance, risk, compliance and insights from collaboration tools like Slack, Workplace, Teams, and Yammer. Aware s...Read more about Aware

3.5 (4 reviews)

Nomadia Sales

Nomadia Sales is a retail sales force CRM designed for the supermarket and hospitality industry specialists. It aims to help businesses manage activities, achieve goals, and improve productivity. The 360 customer vision feature o...Read more about Nomadia Sales

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Mida is an AI-powered A/B testing tool designed for businesses of all sizes. It helps users conduct experiments, analyze results, and execute data-driven strategies efficiently. Forget manually brainstorming ideas and editing pag...Read more about

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