Cvent Event Management Software Alternatives

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Cvent Event Management Software Alternatives

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FrontRunners 2022

Looking for alternatives to Cvent Event Management? You’ve come to the right place.

Find the best Cvent Event Management alternatives and competitors. Take an in-depth look at 15 popular Registration platforms to find out which one is right for your needs. Discover how these Registration software products compare to Cvent Event Management when it comes to features, ease of use, customer service and support, and real user reviews.

Top 5 Alternatives at-a-glance

  • Arlo for Training Providers
  • EasySignup
  • Splash
  • bookingkit
  • ePly

Top Cvent Event Management Alternatives

Arlo for Training Providers

Arlo is a cloud-based training and event management platform designed to help users promote, sell and deliver courses and events. Arlo helps users automate manual processes by providing scheduling, automatic communication, custom ...Read more about Arlo for Training Providers

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EasySignup is a cloud-based signup system that helps users register guests for events, seminars and conferences. It helps users handle administrative work and identify overbookings, recover lost information and remove copy-paste e...Read more about EasySignup

4.77 (30 reviews)

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Splash is an event marketing solution that helps businesses manage attendees, handle email communications and configure workflows to conduct and organize live, virtual and hybrid events on a centralized platform. Administrators ca...Read more about Splash

4.69 (49 reviews)

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bookingkit is an online booking management solution that helps tour and activity providers bring their business online, while also managing and marketing their bookings. The solution caters to any business which offers a service w...Read more about bookingkit

4.38 (39 reviews)

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ePly is a cloud-based event registration solution that enables businesses to customize registration forms and manage data of attendees for the event. Its features include e-ticket selling, payment processing, badge and certif...Read more about ePly

4.65 (48 reviews)

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EMS Event Management software removes the barriers to inspired work by connecting your people, tools and technology within a single platform. AIG, Yale University, Accenture, and thousands of others rely on EMS Software's comprehe...Read more about EMS

4.28 (25 reviews)

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Eventboost is an online event management solution that helps corporations, professional event planning agencies and consultants to plan and organize events. The solution provides online registration, event invitation management, s...Read more about Eventboost

4.64 (25 reviews)

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FormAssembly is an online form building solution. It helps in managing and designing forms with the help of drag-and-drop form builder. It offers email notifications, an auto-responder, data collection, data privacy and integratio...Read more about FormAssembly

4.42 (31 reviews)

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SportsSignUp Play

Sports Illustrated Play is a cloud-based sports league management platform that offers online registration, scheduling, score management, team management and score board features. It is suitable for various team-based sports and a...Read more about SportsSignUp Play

4.14 (42 reviews)

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CampDoc is a cloud-based electronic health record system for camps which also offers tools for online registration, payment processing, travel and emergency medical protection, and more. The system is used in over 1,250 organizati...Read more about CampDoc

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