10,000 Leads Under the C— RM [Infographic]

By: on August 16, 2017

They say that the sea is a harsh mistress. The same might be said of CRM. Calm and supportive one moment, stormy and threatening the next—if it wasn’t so central to modern business strategy, it’s likely that many businesses would have abandoned the CRM ship long ago.

But CRM is central to modern business. Businesses without it can remain stuck in competitive doldrums, while those that select and deploy it carefully enjoy calmer seas and smoother sailing, free of the pain points and workflow inefficiencies that drag others to the bottom.

Software Advice helps wary mariners navigate the stormy seas of customer relationship management (CRM). We recently analyzed our notes from nearly 10,000 of these interactions. Here, we share some of the lessons learned.

crm leads infographic

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