28 Software Tools to Conquer the Social Media Recruiting World

By: on November 9, 2015

There are over 1 billion active monthly users on Facebook. This makes it all the more disappointing when you can’t find, attract and hire a single good employee among them.

From LinkedIn to Snapchat, social networks have become ubiquitous—and recruiters have been swift in mining their potential to connect job seekers and job holders.

But too often, social recruiting devolves into spamming job openings on as many sites as possible and hoping for the best.

Unless you’re Google, this isn’t going to work.

In reality, social recruiting requires strategy, creativity, patience and a ton of effort.

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? We’re here to help: Software Advice turned to the experts to learn what recruiters are doing wrong.

Here, we highlight 28 different social media recruiting tools and platforms (including free ones) you can use to conquer the social media recruiting world.

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✔ Stats on the sad state of social recruiting

We dig into the numbers to learn why talent pools are drying up, and why social recruiting results on such sites as LinkedIn and Twitter are less than ideal.


✔ Tips from experts on how to improve social recruiting efforts

We’ve gathered recruiters, bloggers and speakers entrenched in social recruiting to learn what recruiters often do wrong, and how they can fix it.


✔ Tools to find, attract and hire top talent through social media

We highlight 28 social media recruiting tools—both free and paid—that recruiters can use to aid their efforts, including mobile apps and employee referral boosters.


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