5 Facebook Recruiting Apps to Help You Gain a Hiring Edge

By: on November 12, 2015

When it comes to social recruiting, finding the right tool among the many Facebook recruiting apps out there is a bit like Wal-Mart. Based on the sheer number of options, it probably has what you’re looking for, but it will take some work to sort through the clutter.

And boy, is there clutter. The popular social network now has more than 1 billion daily active users. Some are job-seekers, but most aren’t. This means the talent pool available to recruiters is both growing and diluting every day—making it even harder to find, attract and hire the cream of the crop.

Luckily, you aren’t alone. Facebook recruiting apps and software, both free and paid, are available to help recruiters do it all: automate job postings, create gorgeous careers pages, find potential candidates and analyze return on investment.

Here, we highlight five of these tools. Each will give you a unique hiring edge for social recruiting.

Hootsuite: Organize, Automate & Measure Posting Prowess


Set up custom feeds in Hootsuite to “listen in” on Facebook posts you care about

To attract a job-seeking audience on Facebook, you’re going to need to post about more than just job openings. News about your industry, original content and pictures that show off your awesome workplace should be peppered in to keep future candidates interested.

To help you out, Hootsuite offers a Facebook recruiting application that lets you create Facebook posts ahead of time, then publish them and measure their effectiveness. Analytics are built in, so you can see how many Facebook users are viewing, liking, commenting on and sharing your posts.

Hootsuite also offers social listening functionality. Want to know who’s mentioning your company on Facebook? Set up a custom feed, and you can see posts about your brand as they happen. You can also set up a feed to capture user posts about wanting a new job. Through Hootsuite, the options for what you can listen to are limitless.

Engaging with your audience is easy, too. You can reply to commenters within the platform personally or use an archived response, and you can track interaction history with anyone. Hootsuite is your one-stop shop for recruitment marketing on Facebook.

Entelo Search: Find the Gold Nuggets



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“More Likely To Move” candidates in Entelo Search

Between the 12 percent of the workforce who are active job-seekers and the 15 percent who are satisfied with their jobs sits a meaty 73 percent who are on the fence: the passive candidates. The problem is, if they’re not actively looking for a job, how are you supposed to find them?

Entelo Search understands your dilemma, offering one of the most powerful Facebook sourcing tools on the market. Simply enter your search criteria, and Entelo Search will find the best candidates for you, pulling from Facebook and over 50 other online sources.

Saved candidates will be automatically refreshed by the system in real time, meaning candidate information is always up to date.

The platform can even identify candidates who are “More Likely To Move”: A proprietary measure, based on over 70 factors, that can pinpoint workers who are six times more likely to leave their current job in the next 90 days than your average prospect. Pretty neat.

If that’s not enough, Entelo can also send a daily list of curated candidates straight to your inbox, based on current openings at your organization. When it comes to candidates, finding those diamonds in the rough has never been easier.

Jobcast: Make Your Careers Page Pop


Make your Facebook careers page more engaging with Jobcast

Candidates who visit your company’s careers page on Facebook don’t want to just see a wall of job listings. That’s where Jobcast comes in: Its Facebook recruiting app helps recruiters make gorgeous, engaging and fully branded Facebook careers pages.

Recruiters can upload a brand banner, embed YouTube videos, input links to other social profiles and more. And right on Facebook, job-seekers can do keyword searches or filter job listings by category and location.

Careers pages are mobile-friendly, increasing the likelihood mobile job-seekers will apply. They can also be integrated with your applicant tracking system (ATS) for automatic job posting.

Jobcast even includes recruiting-specific reporting tools, allowing you to see how many job views and applicants you’re getting from Facebook in real time.

Did we mention that visitors can refer friends directly from your Facebook careers page? And the platform supports 11 different languages, making it ideal for international companies. Recruiters looking to spice up their image on Facebook need look no further than Jobcast.

SmartRecruiters: Make Sense of Your Dollars and Cents



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Source Reports show which social source has the greatest recruiting ROI

If you’re using Facebook ads to spread the word about job listings, it can be difficult to tie that cost back to what matters most: successful hires. SmartRecruiters’ detailed Source Reports allow users to gain better insight into their Facebook recruiting efforts, right down to the penny.

Not only can you see how many applicants, interviews and hires are coming from Facebook, but you can also see the quality of those hires, thanks to SmartRecruiters’ built-in assessment tools.

You can also see the cost of your hiring efforts, after inputting your spend.

Filtering these reports is easy, too—so if you want to see how much it’s costing you to hire a front-end developer for your Los Angeles location, you can.

Do you have your own BI (business intelligence) tool? No worries. The SmartRecruiters API allows it to be integrated, so you can parse through the data as you please. The platform can also keep track of hiring budgets to make sure that costs are in line across channels.

The little things are great, too. For example, after hiring for a position, SmartRecruiters will automatically ask if you’d like to remove the listing from Facebook, then inform candidates that they didn’t get the job. It’s this attention to detail that makes SmartRecruiters a must-have app.

Jobvite: Empower Your Internal Brand Advocates



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Employees can broadcast job listings themselves through Jobvite Refer

No recruiter should go it alone. That’s why employee referral programs are so important: They create brand advocates who can market the company alongside you on social media. To help with this effort, Jobvite offers a powerful solution within its ATS suite in the form of Jobvite Refer.

Through this Facebook recruiting app, your employees can automate job-listing posts to publish through their own Facebook profiles.

You can then monitor these posts to identify top participants in the referral program.Jobvite can also recommend social connections who would be a good fit for an open position to employees—rendering the excuse “I don’t know anyone to refer” null and void.

If employees do have a potential candidate in mind for a position, they can send them a private Jobvite invitation to apply. As that referral goes through the hiring process, employees can check in through the platform at any time to see where they are.

You can also use Jobvite Refer to keep track of monetary rewards, so employees have an incentive to keep bringing in their qualified friends and family.

If you don’t have an employee referral program, start now. If your referral program isn’t getting the results you want, get Jobvite.

But wait, there’s more! Find additional information about these tools and others, (including pricing details) in our free, downloadable e-book: 28 Tools to Conquer the Social Media Recruiting World.