5 Maintenance Apps That Streamline Work Order Management

on July 20, 2016

A recent Gartner survey shows that “using the right technologies” is the biggest barrier to growth for 36 percent of small and medium-sized businesses.1

That means thousands of companies are ill-equipped to handle day-to-day tasks with their current tools. Ultimately, for maintenance teams, this results in fewer jobs completed each day.

Mobile maintenance management tools offer the speed and efficiency boosts that keep technicians moving toward the next job instead of running back and forth to the office—and user-friendly design plays a major role.

So we looked at reviews for dozens of maintenance systems to find out which highly rated software offers strong functionality along with an intuitive mobile interface.

To be included, systems must have at least 20 reviews and fall into the top five spots based on averages of real user-friendliness and functionality reviews created on Capterra, Software Advice or GetApp between March 2016 and March 2017.

Facilities Management eXpress

Facilities Management eXpress is a popular CMMS product with functionality to handle facilities management tasks as well, including rental and event management.

Designed for a variety of users—schools, government organizations, manufacturers and more—FMX’s mobile capabilities offer full functionality wherever technicians may be on campus or the shop floor.

FMX Mobile Work Orders

FMX offers the ability to create and assign work orders directly from a smartphone

Why Facilities Management eXpress is great for maintenance teams: The mobile view of the system is the same as the desktop view, offering the same clean interface and navigation options on-the-move.

  • When new work orders come in, managers can attach images and other important files so technicians see all the related information for each task.
  • Workers can also review any prior work performed on a particular asset to get context for new repairs.

The Facilities Management eXpress mobile app offers the ability to assign work orders and send every important detail to technicians at the job site reduces human error and speeds up task completion so workers can move on to the next assignment knowing the last one was performed correctly.

Availability: The mobile version of Facilities Management eXpress is available to all customers by logging into their account on any mobile device.


UpKeep has grown to become a favorite for many users based on reviews, several of which mention the simple interface and the ease of adoption even for non-maintenance users.

The system offers core maintenance functionality to manage and prioritize work orders, as well as the ability to draw directly on images so technicians can point out specific problems.

UpKeep CMMS Mobile Calendar

UpKeep on a smartphone includes a list of the workloads of individual technicians

Why UpKeep is great for maintenance teams: The white and red color palette makes important information easy to spot, and the app’s “People” view offers additional controls around data in the system:

  • The “People” view lists key information about other users, such as name, job title and number of open work orders.
  • Additionally, these users are arranged by access levels, so managers can control the information each employee or vendor sees.

A view of technicians in the field with UpKeep’s mobile app gives managers the information to make strategic scheduling decisions on-the-fly. Managers and employees can chat in real-time through the app to ensure jobs are performed correctly, even if the task details change last minute.

Availability: UpKeep is available through any web browser on a desktop, Android or iOS device. The app also includes Apple Watch functionality for scrolling through work order tasks.


Fiix is a web-based system that includes the asset tracking, work order management, scheduling and reporting core features expected in a CMMS. Along with this is a native mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

Fiix Mobile App Main Screen

The Fiix app makes it easy for technicians to see every important detail on a single screen

Why Fiix is great for maintenance teams: The screen on the left offers technicians a simplified view of the major functions, such as:

  • Large tile buttons to find assigned tasks, priority work orders and inventory levels
  • The ability to scan a barcode and retrieve asset details immediately

The work order screen on the Fiix mobile app includes all the relevant information a technician needs to perform a task correctly. Each job is tagged with an estimated completion time to keep workers on-schedule.

Availability: The Fiix mobile CMMS app is available to download for free on iOS and Android and syncs with your account to provide consistent information for all desktop and mobile users.


Portugal-based vendor Navaltik offers ManWinWin, a CMMS currently in it’s sixth version, with asset management capabilities for fleets, industrial settings, building maintenance and more.

A free version of the software also lets smaller organizations manage a limited amount of assets to see how a computerized maintenance system can have a significant impact on efficiency.

ManWinWin Mobile Tablet View

The dashboard of ManWinWin includes data visualization

Why ManWinWin is great for maintenance teams: The “Start” screen shows the important details about scheduled work orders, but also includes:

  • A visual representation of the data so managers and technicians can understand their status at a glance
  • Large navigation buttons available on every screen to quickly switch from one function to the next

Each time a manager or technician views the ManWinWin mobile main screen, the information included helps them make critical prioritization decisions based on real-time data. Then, any changes are reflected immediately for other users.

Availability: ManWinWin WEB, the vendor’s web-based product, makes the system available on browsers of any web-enabled device.

Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS is a popular system that provides an uncluttered user-interface and simple navigation buttons to the left side. The mobile experience maintains this usability on tablets and smartphones, and syncs the information with the desktop data.

Hippo CMMS Mobile Floor Plans

The Hippo CMMS mobile app offers floor plan files for added convenience

Why Hippo CMMS is great for maintenance professionals: The mobile app is designed with features that specifically help technicians in the field complete work quickly and accurately, including:

  • Floor plan images right in the mobile app to help technicians find a piece of equipment fast
  • Asset profiles with a large “Report Down” button to quickly update the status in real-time so the problem can be addressed as soon as possible

The mobile Hippo CMMS system provides simple ways to trigger important actions, such as reporting asset downtime immediately, helps technicians complete tasks quickly while also supporting critical communication and data management requirements.

Availability: The mobile version of the Hippo CMMS is available to customers using the Hip Pro and Hip Pro Plus versions of the software, accessible through any web browser.

How Can I Take Advantage of Mobile Maintenance?

Even if your assets are all under one roof, mobile apps streamline work order management and save money by helping users communicate with other technicians or managers instantly, access documents anywhere and complete work orders remotely.

Maybe you’re just getting started on the search for maintenance software. Other research by Software Advice can help you learn how a CMMS helps solve small businesses challenges, how a CMMS maximizes your machine uptime and key steps for a smooth CMMS implementation.

And if you’re ready to go, you can leverage mobility advantages by taking these steps:

  1. Review your current technology: Do you currently use a maintenance management system? Does it enable mobility with an app? Ask your managers and team how mobile capabilities can make their day-to-day tasks easier and faster.
  2. Find a mobile CMMS your technicians can use: Review our list of modern CMMS products to find one that offers efficiency improvements with a mobile app. Ask for a demo of the app to test the ease-of-use.
  3. Call Software Advice for help: Our maintenance management advisors can help you find the best CMMS mobile app that your team can pick up quickly. Call (844) 689-4876 for a free consultation.

Information on Gartner’s Top Technology Trends for SMBs Survey: Gartner conducted this survey in April and May 2017 among 699 U.S.-based SMBs, with more than 10 employees and annual revenue of less than $100 million. The survey excluded nonprofit organizations. The qualified respondents are decision-makers, or have significant influence on the decisions related to purchasing technologies for their organization.

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