Amita Jain is a writer at Software Advice, covering the branding and accounting markets with a focus on emerging digital enablement tools and techniques. A public policy graduate from King’s College London, she has worked as a journalist for an education magazine. Her work has been featured by Gartner and Careers360, among other publications. Swimming, doodling, and reading fiction are her happy distractions outside of work.


Double-Entry Bookkeeping 101: A Practical Guide for Small Businesses

Mar 27, 2023

Learn why double-entry bookkeeping is a powerful financial tool for small businesses and startups, plus expert tips on when to best use this method.


Small Business Guide To Set Up an Effective Accounting Function: 5 Essentials

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7 Steps to Close Your Accounting Books Like A Pro

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What is Inventory Accounting, and Why Do You Need It for Your Small Business?

Feb 27, 2023

Accounting for inventory is essential for small businesses but is often overlooked. Learn more about its advantages.

SA_Header_Hero_02222023_AutomateInvoiceProcessingtoBoostEfficiencyandLower Costs

Automate Invoice Processing to Boost Efficiency and Lower Costs

Feb 22, 2023

Processing payment invoices has become less labor-intensive for accounts payable. Learn how automation can help you speed up invoice processing and improve margins.


6 Accounting Reports To Analyze Your Small-Business Operations

Sep 9, 2022

Six key accounting reports to manage the financial health of your business. Learn the best practices to prepare them.


5 Ways Your Accounting Business Can Get Repeat Clients

Feb 15, 2022

Learn how to get repeat business from customers by providing a great customer experience. Some tips and tricks for accounting businesses.


8 Ways Your Accounting Business Can Tap Technology To Improve Customer Experience

Feb 1, 2022

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