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How to Be More Efficient at Work When Work Is at Home

Working from home has a lot of advantages (no dress code, 0-minute commute), but it’s also rife with distractions, like household chores, kids, and the comforts of home. Follow these tips to be more efficient while working at home.

The Best Manufacturing Software With Great Customer Service

When you’re comparing manufacturing software, customer service and support really matter. After all, if you can’t get help using your software when you need it, you’re dead in the water. We’ve scoured real customer reviews to find the best manufacturing software options for customer service.

Filling the 5 Biggest Gaps in Your LMS Business Case

Your average corporate trainer has to rely on makeshift course materials, disparate spreadsheets and minor administrative miracles to train your organization’s unengaged employees. If you count yourself among these unfortunates, you’re probably convinced that a new learning management system (LMS) is a worthwhile investment. A large majority of current learning management system users agreed that […]

The Pros and Cons of Effective Remote Work

Remote work is almost as polarizing a workplace topic as the open office concept. Some people swear by it and think it’s the future, while others see it as an “only in case of emergency” option that is only marginally more productive than not working at all. There are arguments to be made for both […]