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5 Best-of-Breed HR Systems That Offer Third-Party Integration

HR staff have to manage so many aspects of a business—including payroll, training new hires and supporting existing staff—all their needs may not be met by a single software platform. In this free e-book, Software Advice teaches the benefits and disadvantages of using an existing versus a new vendor to expand your HR software capabilities. […]

Respect Employee Rights: 3 Lessons from Lawsuits Against Small Businesses

Note: This article is intended to inform our readers about business-related concerns in the United States. It is in no way intended to provide legal advice or to endorse a specific course of action. For advice on your specific situation, consult your legal counsel. Respecting employee rights isn’t just a touchy-feely way to keep your […]

Easy to Use Paylocity Competitors for Payroll

Payroll isn’t easy. Small businesses often struggle with processing paychecks because they aren’t efficient manually or use software that’s too complex. As a result, more than 40 percent of SMBs are fined about $850 a year for payroll errors. And 49 percent of Americans start looking for a new job if they experience two errors […]

3 HR Predictions Defining the Future of Employee Retention for SMBs

Did you know that companies with really high employee engagement scores saw their share prices increase by 16 percent when the industry average was just six? Another study found that companies with low employee engagement were behind their sector’s growth by 2 percent. And Sears found that a boost in employee engagement increased customer satisfaction, […]

Women Get Work Done: How to Diversify Your Hiring

Let’s start International Women’s Day on a positive note: Pew Research Center found that women make up 40 percent of the workforce in 80 countries. Some countries have even achieved more than 50 percent female representation in the workforce. All these numbers denote a positive trend of more women in the workforce. According to the […]

5 Best-of-Breed HR Systems That Offer Third-Party Integration

Starting a business is similar to doing a jigsaw puzzle—you have to keep adding pieces that fit to see the bigger picture. And if it doesn’t fit, it can lead to some frustration (and hammering a table). Don’t burden your employees with software issues Your business’s in-house software ecosystem also needs to be built piece-by-piece. […]

Vendor Showdown: Comparing 6 Feature-Rich CRM Software for Sales

When you’re buying software, you can choose from a couple popular solutions that may or may not fit your needs, or go deep into researching alternatives. There are pros and cons to each approach: the popular solution could be expensive or not as customizable, but may be easier to use and work seamlessly with your […]

HR Challenges: 3 Real-Life Examples That Will Transform Your Diversity Practices

If you’re a small-business owner, there are are any number of unforeseen challenges you must prepare for. For example, an external world event can have a negative psychological affect on your workers, even if it doesn’t directly affect them. And then there are internal challenges that could arise at any time, such as harassment and […]

motivating employees to climb the corporate ladder

How Small Businesses Can Better Motivate Employees

A Gallup survey found that 55 percent of millennials are not engaged at work: they’re not passionate about their job and begrudgingly put in the required eight hours. This low level of engagement is a huge problem in the workforce. It leads to dissatisfaction, low productivity, pressure on other employees to pick up the slack, […]

3 Recruitment Strategies SMBs Can Use to Tackle Hiring Woes

Hiring is never an easy process. You have to go through many resumes and interviews before you strike gold, and it can take weeks or months to find the right person. Hiring takes a big chunk out of the annual budget, and may not always yield positive results. For small businesses, the potential losses from […]