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What’s the Difference Between CRM and Marketing Automation Software?

Feb 22, 2021

Don’t blindly invest in a CRM or marketing automation tool. Know their features and benefits before you decide which one to purchase.


4 Must-Have Retail POS Software Features to Boost Business Efficiency

Feb 11, 2021

POS software can take your business to the next level but only if you know which features to watch out for. Know these must-have features that boost efficiency!


A Guide to Data Visualization and Free Data Visualization Tools

Jan 12, 2021

Check out five free data visualization tools to illustrate and communicate complex data findings using charts, graphs, tables, maps, and other visual elements.


A Beginner's Guide to Collaboration and Popular Collaboration Tools

Nov 13, 2020

5 popular collaboration tools to simplify communication and increase engagement for your team. Learn the benefits of collaboration tools for your business.


3 Ways To Collect Feedback From Employees for Software Selection

Jul 9, 2020

Leverage these 3 ways to collect feedback from employees on software search. Ensure that the tool you purchase meets their needs as well as expectations.


Top 3 Free Video Interviewing Software for Recruiters

May 27, 2020

Video interviewing software helps recruiters conduct remote interviews. Use these free tools to save time and candidate travel costs.


3 Must-Have Tools for Improving Customer Experience

Mar 25, 2020

CX tools help you offer positive and consistent interactions to your customers. Consequently, you can retain existing customers and attract new ones to grow your business.


5 Best Collaboration Apps for SMART Project Management

Mar 18, 2020

We analyzed user reviews to determine the five top-rated project management systems that utilize SMART concepts.


Top Group Chat Apps to Boost Small Business Collaboration and Productivity

Mar 18, 2020

If your business is in the market for a group chat app, consider our curated list of the top products in the market, backed by Software Advice user reviews.


Box Alternatives: Top Recommended Box Competitors for CMS

Sep 17, 2019

Box is a popular cloud-based content management system (CMS) that lets users share, store, and manage documents, presentations, and videos from anywhere, at any time. The solution suits businesses of all sizes from different industries. Top 5 recommended alternatives to Box: Dropbox Drupal Microsoft OneDrive Strapi WordPress It offers content management, mobile access, online workspaces ...