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Why McDonald’s Is Focusing on Speed of Service Over Service With a Smile

After posting its largest quarterly margin decline in more than 10 years, McDonald’s Business Research Vice President Steve Levigne said the company’s “service is broken.” He cited stats during a November investor meeting that showed one in five customer complaints are related to friendliness issues, “and it’s increasing.” Yet in the months following that announcement […]

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The Secret to Ritz-Carlton’s Customer Service Mojo

A few months ago, I attended an industry event where customer service guru and author Micah Solomon introduced me to the idea of “anticipatory service.” He gave the example of Apple’s mobile assistant Siri recommending a list of pharmacies in response to him saying, “I have a headache.” “[Siri] looks for the question behind the […]

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A Zappos Lesson in Customer Service Metrics

Zappos founder Tony Hsieh literally wrote the book on modern customer service. His title, Delivering Happiness, staked claim on The New York Times Best Sellers list for 27 consecutive weeks. And every publication from Forbes to Fast Company has distinguished the e-retailer as a standout in consumer support. Yet few companies heed Zappos’s example. Take a […]

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A Zappos Lesson in QA Management

About three years ago, Zappos decided their QA program needed a makeover. Agents didn’t have a lot of transparency into how they were being scored, and as a result, developed a negative perception of the QA team. “We made a lot of mistakes early on. The QA team was off in a corner and rarely, […]

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5 Ways Women in Sales Sabotage Their Success

The topic of gender equality in the workplace is ever-present. Society points a finger at male-dominated companies and organizations, telling them to wake up and recognize women as powerful forces in business. But what should women do? A recent article in Harvard Business Review discusses how lack of confidence is a primary cause of many women’s […]

The Best Software Selection Tactics for SMBs

There are many tactics small businesses can, and should, employ when embarking on a software selection project. Recently, Software Advice surveyed software buyers across multiple industries to determine which of 14 software selection tactics for SMBs they found to be most effective. This report outlines what what we discovered. Software Selection Tactics for SMBs: The Success Quadrant […]

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CRM Software Buyer Report – 2013

Over the years, we’ve spoken to thousands of prospective CRM software buyers, providing us unparalleled insight into their motivations for investing in new CRM technology. Recently, we analyzed 5,279 of these interactions and uncovered the following top CRM software buyer trends. Most Buyers Want Cloud-Based, Best-of-Breed Solutions The vast majority of the prospective CRM software […]