Brian Westfall is a Senior Content Analyst with Software Advice. He covers the HR and LMS software markets, focusing primarily on recruiting, performance management and payroll. He holds a B.S. in Marketing and Economics from Trinity University. His research has been cited in various publications such as TIME, AdWeek, and Entrepreneur.

Brian worked in journalism and online marketing before joining Software Advice in August 2014. When he's not researching the latest in human resources technology, Brian can most likely be found playing with his dog or traveling the world.

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Customer Insights: Top 5 Easy-to-Use Payroll Systems for Dummies — Free Download

Payroll software has a reputation for being complicated. It’s why you’ve seen all those “Payroll for Dummies” guides on the shelves of your neighborhood bookstore. But it’s also a necessary tool for businesses, carrying out an essential function with significant financial ramifications and little margin for error. Wouldn’t it be nice if your company had […]

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Customer Insights: Top 5 Software for HR Reporting Capabilities — Free Download

Big Data is impacting nearly every facet of life, from how we listen to music to how baseball teams align their infield. HR software is no exception. Today’s HR departments have access to an unprecedented amount of data, as software vendors refine the reporting capabilities of their products. These HR dashboards can illuminate trajectory-altering insights, […]

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4 Top-Rated Extended Enterprise LMS Platforms for SMBs

For businesses looking to train their employees, a learning management system (LMS) should do the trick. For those looking to train externally, however, a regular old LMS likely won’t cut it. Enter: extended enterprise LMS platforms, whose capabilities extend beyond internal staff to include clients, contractors, and other external trainees. But navigating the extended enterprise […]

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6 Best HR Dashboards for Data-Driven HR Departments

Data is the new oil, as they say—and it’s fueling HR software. HR dashboards are emblematic of this trend. By visualizing key metrics in simple, easily digestible terms, dashboards help HR departments inform and improve the decision-making process. It’s an essential tool for the modern HR professional. But with so many vendors to choose from, […]

Filling the 5 Biggest Gaps in Your LMS Business Case

Your average corporate trainer has to rely on makeshift course materials, disparate spreadsheets and minor administrative miracles to train your organization’s unengaged employees. If you count yourself among these unfortunates, you’re probably convinced that a new learning management system (LMS) is a worthwhile investment. A large majority of current learning management system users agreed that […]