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The VoIP Software Expansion Pack Everyone Needs

Contents Include: – The 2019 VoIP Buyers Guide. Find answers to key questions you may have when selecting software, including: What Is VoIP Software? What are the benefits and potential issues of VoIP software? – The 2019 VoIP Pricing Guide. This guide is filled with everything you need to know about software pricing. Compare pricing […]

free tools for Twitter sentiment analysis

6 Best Free Software Tools for Twitter Sentiment Analysis

We have begun using machine learning to identify human emotions expressed in social media data, a technology known as . Twitter sentiment analysis tools enable small businesses to: See what people are saying about the business’s brand on Twitter. Do market research on how people feel about competitors, market trends, product offerings etc. Analyze the […]

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4 Emerging Use Cases for IoT Data Analytics

While new sensor, mobile and wireless technologies are driving the evolution of the internet of things (IoT), the true business value of the IoT lies in big data analytics rather than hardware novelties. After all, why transmit information from IoT devices to the end user if you don’t have an analytics platform rich enough to […]

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A Guide to Free and Open Source Data Visualization Tools

Many online “guides” to data visualization tools just lump together solutions for business analysts, web developers, software engineers, graphic designers etc. into huge lists. These poorly curated lists are of dubious value, since a JavaScript library for adding interactive charts to a website isn’t going to be useful for business analysts or data scientists, who […]

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Software Advice Alternatives – Top Tableau Competitors

Find the Tableau alternative that works best for your business. Take an in-depth look at five popular BI platforms to find out which one is right for your needs. Software Advice Alternatives helps you narrow down the field, so you can choose the best BI platform for your needs. Our list of the top five […]

decision tree software vs. analysis

Decision Tree Software vs. Decision Tree Analysis in BI Tools

Money might not grow on real trees, but decision trees can definitely grow your revenue. Decision trees may sound like a complex topic, but they’re not unlike a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story. They branch out according to the choices you make. It’s a pretty common and simple form of business analytics. Cover of Treasure […]

cohort analysis

What Is Cohort Analysis?

A “cohort” is simply a group of people who are similar in some way. Etymologically, the word “cohort” was originally applied to a Roman military unit: These gentlemen have something in common… (Roman soldiers by Matthias Kabel is licensed under CC BY 3.0)   While there are probably some unfortunate marketing departments churning out content […]

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Guide to Government Incentives for Fuel-Efficient Commercial Trucks

The benefits of increased fuel economy in your heavy-duty truck fleet are numerous–and so are the equipment costs. And now, there are government financial incentives to help you fit new trucks and equipment upgrades into your budget. To that end, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to provide all of the information and resources you […]