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Software Advice Alternatives – Top 5 QuickBooks Competitors

Software Advice Alternatives helps you narrow down the field, so you can choose the best accounting platform for your needs. Our list of the top five QuickBooks competitors is based on proprietary user reviews data and online search volume. Discover how these five top accounting solutions compare to QuickBooks when it comes to: Features Ease […]

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Top Rated FrontRunners for Construction Software

Make more informed decisions when selecting software for your business. Read real reviews from real software users to help you choose the right solution. FrontRunners, Powered by Gartner Methodology, is a data-driven assessment identifying products in the construction market that offer the best capability and value for businesses. Download this guide to learn which products […]

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How to Build a Business Case for Project Management Software

Over the past three years, we’ve noticed a significant trend among small and midsize businesses (SMBs) looking for project management software: The majority are purchasing software for the first time. If 60 percent of SMBs are turning to software for the first time, an equally high number are likely still struggling with manual methods, unsure […]

Life-Saving Wearables and Other Tech That Improve Construction Job Site Safety

The construction industry has the highest number of fatal workplace injuries, with 991 deaths in the U.S. in 2016—nearly a six percent increase from the previous year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). If you’re a small firm thinking, “My workers are safe; it’s large companies taking on big projects that are at […]

Customers Care About Green Building: 3 Practices To Implement Today

Sustainable construction, aka “green building,” isn’t a fad—it’s the future of the industry. In 2014, the global market surpassed $260 billion. By 2022, the global green building materials market is expected to reach $364.6 billion. Perhaps even more telling is the percentage of U.S. firms who expect the majority of their projects to be green […]