21 COVID-19 Grants for U.S. Small Businesses

Many COVID-19 loans for small businesses carry interest and terms for repayment. Software Advice shares 21 grants for U.S. small businesses as alternative funding options.

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5 Best-Reviewed Project Management Software for Integrations — Free Download

The barriers that once stood between software applications are virtually nonexistent today. In the world of project management software, third-party integrations have changed the way businesses manage cross-departmental tasks—for the better. But not all apps play nice with others, at least not to the same degree. So if you’ve prioritized integration for your next project […]

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4 Myths About Workplace Effectiveness Busted

Myths about what employees must do to be effective at work can impede productivity and innovation. This article dispels 5 myths about workplace effectiveness and offers more balanced solutions.

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4 Free and Open Source Text Analysis Software

AI is adept at many tasks, but reading social cues isn’t always one of them. It’s notoriously bad at understanding nuance, which results in misguided yet funny failed attempts. That’s because it’s hard to teach machines what people really mean. Until someone builds formulas for sarcasm detection, training AI systems to detect emotions remains a […]