Hey there, I’m Olivia Montgomery, Senior Content Analyst for Software Advice. I’m here to share useful insights about project management and small business digital transformation.

I'm passionate about the benefits of informing tech research and trends with lessons learned in the humanities. I’m a former IT PMO leader, and my work has been published in TechRepublic, CIO Dive, and TrustRadius.

I currently live in Austin, Texas. When I’m not researching, I can be found riding horses or watching Jurassic Park.

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Your Project Status Report Checklist: What to Include When You Report to Stakeholders

Lists are important. They help us prioritize—and remember to complete—important tasks. Have you ever gone to the grocery store specifically for one thing, then left with a cart full of everything but? If you leave your grocery list at home, you’re at the mercy of our fallible human memory. As a project manager, you need […]

3 Tips for Project Management Emails

There are hundreds of articles out there about email best practices, and I promise this won’t be some lame, generic version of them. Here, we’re talking project management emails specifically. I’ll share what I’ve learned in the four years I spent as an IT PMO (project management office) lead who has had her share of […]