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Best-Reviewed Project Management Software for Reporting — Free Download

In project management software, reporting functionality allows managers to track all the different components of a given project, keeping team members informed of the scope and progress of relevant tasks. Its data-filled dashboards give decision-makers unprecedented insight into the health and operations of their organization—an essential tool in the arsenal of any successful business. But […]

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Best Tools for Medical Records Management, Compared

If you’re a physician in the United States who’s yet to adopt an electronic health record (EHR) solution, then you’re in the minority. According to a HIT report, 86% of office-based physicians have already adopted EHR tools. The high adoption rate of EHR solutions doesn’t come as a surprise as there are many benefits of […]

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New for 2020: Software Advice’s Discrete Manufacturing Software Pricing Guide

The new year is here, and as you’re looking at your tools and systems for 2020, Software Advice can help you find the best discrete manufacturing software for your budget. This guide will help you to better understand key aspects of accurate discrete manufacturing software pricing, including: • Learn about relevant pricing models • Understand […]