Zach Hale is a content analyst at Software Advice, covering emerging trends and technologies in the ERP and accounting markets. A native Texan, he joined the Austin office in June 2018 after relocating from Fort Worth, where he specialized in content marketing and ad copywriting.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in advertising from the University of Oklahoma, Zach cut his teeth as a writer and editor for such publications as the Oklahoma Gazette, Dallas Observer and Oklahoma City-based arts and entertainment website Oxford Karma. He’s an avid music nerd, frequent movie theater patron and dedicated dog dad.

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Users Love These 5 CRM Tools for Their Integrations — Free Download

The key to getting the most out of your CRM software is, ironically, through software integration. Without integration, your CRM is siloed off from the outside world, with no other software to talk to. It’s a sad, lonely existence. An integrated CRM, on the other hand, gathers data from other core business processes, which can […]

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5 Freelance Accounting Software Solutions Perfect for Busy Schedules

Freelancers, by and large, are always on the clock. Their schedules are frequently packed to the brim, bouncing between multiple clients and projects and leaving little room for non-essential tasks. For freelance workers on the daily grind, a long and research-intensive search for the perfect accounting software isn’t particularly attractive. At the same time, the […]

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When Does a Company Need an ERP?

Modern businesses generate crazy amounts of data—and even more as operations expand and customer bases grow. Without ERP software, managing information across multiple platforms becomes expensive, time-consuming, and susceptible to mismanagement. ERP software helps streamline these business processes into a single unified system, helping resolve many of the pain points shared by owners of growing […]