Best Android Apps for Doctors and Health Care Professionals

By: on April 28, 2017

When we published our list of the best medical iPhone apps for doctors and students, we had so many requests for a follow up post highlighting medical apps for the Android operating system that we had to do it. We’ve reduced the over 1,200 “Health” apps in the Android Marketplace to 12 categories and 20 apps designed for doctors, nurses and students. We’ve specifically geared the chosen apps towards those professions and away from consumers. As with the iPhone, there is unfortunately a shortage of quality apps for accessing electronic health record programs.

Our methodology was simple. We sifted through all 1,200 apps in the Health category and pulled out the highest rated, most relevant apps for doctors, nurses and students in the respective categories. Each category is sorted by most popular app, as determined by the ratings in the Android Marketplace. You’ll probably see a lot of the same brand name apps that were listed in our best medical iPhone apps list.

Before You Start

One thing to note before you dive into this list is that each app listed below is linked to its profile on, the definitive database for Android Marketplace apps. That profile contains pricing information, ratings, version number and download size.

Each app profile on also contains an image of a QR code, which looks like a UPC code. Once you download the Barcode Scanner app from the Android Marketplace, you’ll have a couple of new options for downloading apps. Here are two ways to download apps via QR code on

  1. Scan your monitor. Launch the Bar Scanner app and scan your actual monitor (the QR code image itself) with your Android phone. Tap “Open in Market” button that pops up and you will be directed to that app, in the Android Marketplace.
  2. Tap the image. If you’re viewing an app’s QR code on your Android phone, you can simply tap the image of the code and you will be directed to the Android Marketplace where you can download the app.

Leave any suggestions in the comment section and we’ll update the list if we see a good app we missed.

Note: Descriptions were written by the app’s developer.


Lexi-Comp – Free – Keep updated with Lexi-Comp’s trusted clinical knowledge, now at the touch of a button. This application includes 30-days of access to all databases Lexi-Comp offers for your Android phone. Plus hundreds of images, calculations, and tables available with a cell or wifi connection, so you’re never without answers again.

SkyScape Medical Resources – Free – Skyscape Medical Resources is a collection of medical information and decision support resources for healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, PAs, NPs, medical students, nursing students and more. When you install the App, it will download your free resources which include RxDrugs, OCM & Archimedes.


Mediquations Med Calculator – $4.99 – The most comprehensive medical calculator on Android. With 232 formulas and scoring tools and an intuitive interface, Mediquations makes getting the answers you need quick and painless.

Medical Calculator – $1.99 – MedCalc includes 58 of the most important medical calculators and scoring tools for the G1 android phone. It incorporates a simple and fast interface and provides comprehensive results maximizing your time caring for patients.

InfusionCalc – $0.99 – Great tool for paramedics and nurses. Enter the dosage ordered (mcg/kg/mind), drug on hand (mg or mcg), fluid volume (ml), drop factor, and patient’s weight (kg or lbs).


EKGdroid – $1.99 – This is a simple arrhythmia guide for Android devices. Each component of the EKG is explained.

Cardiology Glossary – $0.99 – This Glossary provides you a comprehensive list of 300+ terminologies related to Cardiology with its short description/meaning, which guides you to understand terms used in Cardiology in better way.


Dentistry Terms – $2.95 – This Dentist Glossary application is a dictionary of all things having to do with Dentistry. They have included abbreviations, definitions, a glossary of terms, and many more Dentistry Terms.

Drug Reference

SkyScape RXDrugs – Free – Skyscape’s RxDrugs Dosing Companion provides dosing guidelines on thousands of commonly used brand and generic drugs and now includes nearly 400 integrated weight-based drug dosing calculators. Continuously updated dosing guidelines on a variety of medications, including antimicrobial, cardiovascular and many more.


Ophthalmology Glossary – $2.95 – Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine which deals with the diseases and surgery of the visual pathways, including the eye, hairs, and areas surrounding the eye, such as the lacrimal system and eyelids. To help you navigate this special issue on Ophthalmology, we have created a comprehensive Glossary on the subject.


Speed Anatomy – Free – How fast can you point to your liver, gall bladder or incisor? Speed Anatomy is an addictive game that tests your speed and challenges your knowledge of human anatomy.

General Reference

PubMed Mobile – Free – Search the PubMed database with over 21 million citations for biomedical articles and life science journals.

Medical Abbreviations – $1.99 – Medical Abbreviations provides simple, fast and convenient access to more than 1,800 medical abbreviations at your fingertips. Easily search the abbreviations and definitions and see the search results as you type.

Med Abbreviations and Acronyms – $1.49 – The Med Abbreviations and Acronyms app is a study guide app that helps prepare you for a position as a medical professional. Includes nearly 300 multiple choice quiz questions and flashcards. Includes glossary with common terms and definitions in three learning modules.

ICD Code Look Up

ICD-10 – $1.99 – Now you can see the new ICD-10 codes that have replaced ICD-9. Works offline and it contains more than 32,500 searchable codes.

ICD-10 Search – Free – Search through all subcategories of WHO’s International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10). You can search using ICD codes or pathology descriptions.

Lab Tests

Labs 360 – $49.95 – Labs 360° is a clinically oriented laboratory guide written for the healthcare provider who wants to understand what a given test is, its clinical significance, and how the test can aide in patient diagnosis and treatment.

Mental Health

Psych Drugs – Free – Learn important and useful information (drug names, indications, etc) for psychotropic medications such as antidepressants (depression), antipsychotics (psychosis), mood stabilizers (bipolar), and anti-anxiety (OCD, panic, PTSD) medications.

Psychiatry Q&A – $9.99 – Prepare for your certification, re-certification, USMLE, shelf exams, or rotations with Psychiatry Q&A. The app has 100 questions designed for students, residents, fellows, attendings, nurses, and physician assistants.

Psych Facts – Free – Learn about mental health topics such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD, ADHD, drugs, eating disorders and schizophrenia. This app contains hundreds of facts.


Nursing Pharmacology – $1.99 – Nursing Pharmacology application helps you learn all about the nursing pharmacology. It contains over 140 flash cards.

Study Guides

MCAT Prep Bio – $2.99 – The MCAT Prep Bio app covers all the aspects of MCAT prep: molecular bio, genetics etc. All the content is arranged by topic and category for easy navigation.

For a full list of medical apps for the Android operating system, check out the Android Marketplace on your smartphone or head over to the Android Library.

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