5 Best Telemedicine EHR Software

By: on April 28, 2020

Telemedicine software with integrated electronic health record (EHR) capabilities helps medical practices treat patients remotely using secure communication tools as well as manage the complete patient care process, from scheduling to filing claims with insurance providers. When used together, telemedicine and EHR software can significantly enhance the delivery of patient care.

Let’s check out some healthcare scenarios where telemedicine EHR can be used.

Scenarios Where Telemedicine EHR Can Be Used

In this article, we’ve analyzed all Software Advice-featured telemedicine software tools with EHR capabilities to identify the five best-rated solutions. These products have been listed alphabetically and selected according to the methodology specified here.

5 best-rated telemedicine EHR software

ChARM Health

1. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD logo and rating

Suitable for: Medical practices of all sizes.

AdvancedMD is a cloud-based healthcare software suite that offers EHR, practice management, telemedicine, reputation management, and business intelligence reporting, among other applications. Its integrated telemedicine application, AdvancedTelemedicine, allows physicians to provide remote care to their patients.

Why consider AdvancedMD for your telemedicine EHR needs:

  • AdvancedTelemedicine offers features such as face-to-face patient conferences and one-click EHR scheduling to help schedule and conduct remote assessments. The application also allows physicians to securely share images and video conference screenshots.
  • It provides over 40 customizable templates for taking notes during patient visits. A physician dashboard displays physicians’ daily schedules and high-priority patient-care items. The immunization reporting feature helps submit immunization information directly to the state registry and participate in state-run incentive programs.

Here’s what Software Advice user reviews say about AdvancedMD:

  • The software is easy to navigate.
  • The customer support team is quick in response, and software tutorials are educational and helpful.

Patient–physician interaction in AdvancedMD's AdvancedTelemedicine

Patient–physician interaction in AdvancedMD’s AdvancedTelemedicine (Source)

2. CareCloud

CareCloud Charts logo and rating

Suitable for: Medical practices of all sizes.

CareCloud is cloud-based healthcare software that offers applications such as EHR, practice management, telemedicine, and medical billing. Its dedicated telemedicine application is called CareCloud Live.

Why consider CareCloud Charts for your telemedicine EHR needs?

  • CareCloud Live supports video chats for patient appointments. It is integrated with CareCloud Central, the practice management application of CareCloud, which allows physicians to receive reimbursement for telemedicine services through private insurance payers.
  • CareCloud’s EHR application helps identify future drug interactions so that physicians know they’re prescribing the right medication to patients. Patient charts offer access to critical information, such as medications, current dosage, allergies, and vitals, in a single view.

Here’s what Software Advice user reviews say about CareCloud:

  • The software is user friendly, especially the patient notes and reporting analytics features.
  • Users can customize most of the clinical workflows and even tailor the interface as per the needs of their practice.

Telemedicine appointment in CareCloud Live

Telemedicine appointments in CareCloud Live (Source)

3. ChARM Health

Charm Health logo and rating

Suitable for: Healthcare providers of all sizes.

ChARM Health is a cloud-based healthcare software suite that offers applications such as EHR, practice management, telemedicine, and medical billing. Its integrated telemedicine application is known as ChARM TeleHealth.

Why consider ChARM Health for your telemedicine EHR needs?

  • ChARM TeleHealth offers integrated audio and video capabilities for live consultations. Medical practices can quickly create a compliance document to get patients’ consent before every telehealth session. Sessions can be recorded for future reference. The tool also offers multiuser telehealth sessions wherein multiple patient representatives can participate in a video consultation.
  • Its EHR application alerts physicians about any potential allergies, drug interactions, or other health concerns to help keep a close check on patients. It also offers a check-in feature that instantly transfers patient details to patient charts for further diagnosis.

Here’s what Software Advice user reviews say about ChARM Health:

  • The software offers multiple customer support channels during onboarding as well as after implementation.
  • The software is easy to get started with, as its learning curve is short.

Patient–physician interaction in ChARM Health's TeleHealth dashboard

Patient–physician interaction in ChARM Health’s TeleHealth dashboard (Source)

4. eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks logo and rating

Suitable for: Ambulatory practices, urgent care facilities, health centers, and hospitals of all sizes.

eClinicalWorks is an integrated EHR and practice management solution with applications such as patient engagement, telemedicine, population health, and financial analytics. Its integrated telemedicine application is known as TeleVisits.

Why consider eClinicalWorks for your telemedicine EHR needs?

  • TeleVisits is integrated with eClinicalWorks EHR, but it can also be used as a stand-alone solution. It works with all internet browsers as well as mobile platforms (Android and iOS devices).
  • Its EHR application helps identify any future risks (allergies or drug interactions) during patient care. It also offers an integrated virtual assistant, Eva. Eva can book appointments, display schedules and progress notes, and open educational videos to refer to patients. Eva can also recall patient histories to let physicians compare current and past patient notes in a side-by-side view.

Here’s what Software Advice user reviews say about eClinicalWorks:

  • Patient scheduling and follow-up processes are quick and smooth.
  • The software suggests pre-existing templates for taking patient notes during documentation.

Patient–physician interaction in eClinicalWorks' TeleVisits

Patient–physician interaction in eClinicalWorks’ TeleVisits (Source)

5. Kareo

Kareo logo and rating

Suitable for: Medical practices of all sizes.

Kareo is a cloud-based healthcare software suite that offers applications such as EHR, medical billing, telemedicine, and practice management. Its integrated telemedicine application is known as Kareo Telemedicine.

Why consider Kareo for your telemedicine needs?

  • Kareo Telemedicine offers streamlined and quick reimbursement of telemedicine sessions through automated eligibility checks and a dedicated reimbursement-specialist support team.
  • Its EHR application offers over 150 customizable templates for taking notes during patient encounters. Note templates and calendars can be personalized as per a medical practice’s preference. It supports multiple medical specialties, such as family medicine, cardiology, mental health, pediatrics, neurology, and podiatry.

Here’s what Software Advice user reviews say about Kareo:

  • The software is easy to use, and its customer support team is quick in response.
  • It can be logged in from any device, including smartphones, desktops, iPads, and laptops.

Telemedicine appointments in Kareo

Telemedicine appointments in Kareo (Source)

Find telemedicine EHR software that’s right for your practice

The EHR tools mentioned above can get you started on your software search, but to find the one that best fits your telemedicine requirements, we recommend following these steps.

  • List your requirements: If you haven’t already, list all your telemedicine EHR requirements. Make the list as detailed as possible, and add an overview of your current challenges and desired outcomes. This will make it easier to shortlist software that meets your requirements.
  • Read buyers guide and user reviews: Go through our telemedicine software buyers guide. Covering common features, benefits, key considerations, and other critical points of interest, this guide will arm you with the knowledge needed to make an informed purchase decision. Also, read buyer reviews on Software Advice to understand what existing users think about software usability.
  • Schedule an appointment with us: If you want help with software selection, reach out to our advisors. They provide free, fast, and personalized recommendations, helping medical practices of all sizes find software that meets their needs. Schedule an appointment with an advisor here.

Product selection methodology

  1. We evaluated all products on our telemedicine software page and shortlisted those that offer EHR capabilities.
  2. From the shortlisted ones, we selected products that have at least 50 reviews and a minimum overall rating of 3 and above (as of March 20, 2020).
  3. Thereafter, we selected the top five products based on average monthly search volume on Google (as of March 20, 2020).

Note: The content in this piece provides the opinions and points of view expressed by users. It doesn’t represent the views of Software Advice.

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