The Best Tools for Sourcing Through Social Media

By: on December 15, 2015

Do you remember G.I. Joe, the old kid’s cartoon?

If you do, you’ll recall every episode always ended with one of the characters teaching the audience a valuable lesson about conservation or stranger danger before signing off with the now-famous phrase: “And knowing is half the battle.”

Nostalgia aside, it’s a great quote to describe the frustrations of online recruiting.

Studies show a lack of available candidates is the #1 reason employers struggle to fill open positions.

With so few qualified candidates, sorting through thousands of Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to find the “gold nuggets” is a time- and resource-intensive task.

Luckily, there are a number of candidate sourcing tools available to help you improve your sourcing through social media by proactively identifying and assessing potential workers on social media.

Here, Software Advice highlights some of these options—including a couple you can even use for free.

Entelo Search

Candidate results in Entelo Search

Entelo Search can aggregate data from over 50 Web sources, then create comprehensive candidate profiles for you to peruse.

All you need to do is input your search criteria, which can include everything from keywords and location radius to more specific traits, such as whether a candidate has military experience. The system will also provide contact information, if publicly available.

But what really sets Entelo Search apart is its “More Likely to Move” filter. Based on over 70 factors, including recent mergers and acquisitions and regional job-seeking activity, “More Likely to Move” candidates are six times more likely to leave their current job in the next 90 days, compared to your average prospect.

This makes Entelo Search a great tool to easily identify passive candidates.


recruitem linkedin search
Creating a LinkedIn profile search query in Recruit’em

Google Search can be a powerful tool to pinpoint the kinds of social profiles you’re looking for—but anything beyond a simple query can become a jumbled mess.


Example: Here’s what a search for LinkedIn profiles of Web developers with a Master’s degree and JavaScript experience in the United Kingdom looks like with proper parameters:

“Web Developer” “javascript”-intitle:”profiles” -inurl:”dir/ ” OR masters OR mba OR master OR diplome OR msc OR magister OR magisteres OR maitrise

Typing this out is a nightmare. But Recruit’em lets users input the criteria they’re looking for, then creates the search query automatically.
Simply type your desired location, education level, skills and even keywords to exclude, pick the network you want to search through—and Recruit’em handles the rest. You can even save searches to run again later. As an added bonus, Recruit’em is completely free.


gild google chrom extension

Google Chrome extension for Gild

Gild sources information from around the Web to create detailed candidate profiles for each of your job requisitions. Going further, it also ranks the best candidates for you, based on a massive amount of criteria—resume and personal website information, social media activity and even published work.

The platform can even run automatic assessments of candidates’ work samples: For example, it can analyze a prospective developer’s public code to see if it’s up to snuff.

Sourced information is updated in the system automatically, in real time—and users are free to add their own notes and feedback on top of this information, as well.

What’s more, users get access to a free Google Chrome extension that links Gild with their online candidate search activity: If you find a profile you’ve already saved in the system, a panel will pop up summarizing their skills, experience and where they are in your hiring funnel.

TalentBin by Monster

Job Request Translator in TalentBin

With TalentBin, the process flow of sourcing to candidate outreach and finally measuring effectiveness is seamless, and the system includes a lot of unique functionality.
For example, by using TalentBin’s Job Request Translator, you can simply input a job description and the platform will parse through the text to source potential candidates to you.
From there, you can search through candidate profiles with either “must-have,” “optional” or “negative” keywords to view the most desirable workers.
When you find a candidate you like, you can contact them in TalentBin through any medium that’s connected to their profile—email, social media site etc.
TalentBin will also craft a template message customized to fit whatever medium you are contacting that candidate through and what skills of theirs you’d like to highlight.
Whether you’re reaching out to a creative through Behance about their drawing skills or contacting a developer on GitHub about their Python experience, TalentBin can craft the perfect outreach.
Finally, you can measure metrics such as message open rates and how many candidates apply for a linked position through TalentBin’s built-in analytics functionality.


360social browser extension

360social browser extension

One social profile isn’t always enough to get the comprehensive picture of a potential candidate you need. So 360social offers a free and clever solution.

Simply download the browser extension—then, when you hover over a link to a person’s social profile, a pane will pop up with links to their profiles on other sites.

With over 240 integrated social networks, you can get a very thorough look at any potential candidate’s social footprint. 360social even gives brief details about each profile in the pane, such as how many Twitter followers the person has or what their Klout score is.

If available, the extension will even show their phone number and email, so you can start your outreach right away.

For more information about tools to improve sourcing through social media, (including pricing details) check out free, downloadable e-book: 28 Tools to Conquer the Social Media Recruiting World.

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