How to Maintain Boomerang Employee Relations [INFOGRAPHIC]

By: on October 27, 2016

It used to be a faux pas for a job seeker to want to come back to a former employer, and even more so for the employer to actually rehire them.

Not so anymore.

With talent pools drying up and essential roles remaining vacant for more than a month, the taboo surrounding hiring these so-called “boomerang employees” is fading fast. Recruiters are saving time and money by filling positions with former employees who have thrived at the company in the past.

But how do you convince great workers who decided to leave once before to come back? Is it even a good idea? Let’s take a look.

This infographic highlights everything you need to know as a recruiter about boomerang employees, including:

  • Why boomerang workers are on the rise
  • The pros and cons of rehiring boomerang employees
  • Tips for maintaining boomerang employee relations through every step of their trajectory
  • How recruiting software can give you an advantage in wooing great workers back

boomerang employees infographic

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