Businesses Compare the Top Unified Communications Vendors

By: Daniel Harris on February 22, 2016

Unified communications (UC) systems are becoming much more affordable for smaller organizations.

But since UC has traditionally been an enterprise market, there’s not much information for smaller companies on how to choose the right provider.

To learn more, Software Advice surveyed IT decision-makers and employee end-users about their UC systems.

We then ranked the top unified communications vendors based on the top factors smaller businesses should consider when choosing a solution.

We also created a helpful ROI calculator for determining how much a new solution will cost. 

This tool (see below) is also based on data from the surveys we conducted. We determined how factors such as deployment type (cloud-based or on-premise), industry, number of employees and budget affect the business value of a UC solution.

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Businesses Compare the Top Unified Communications Vendors


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Instructions for Using ROI Calculator -------------------------------------

Simply enter the following data in the green cells. (NOTE: You must enter all 4 of the values listed below for the calculator to work.)

  • The price you’ll pay for either a cloud or an on-premise system

  • Total price you’ll pay for the first year of support

  • Your number of employees

  • Your business’s industry (you can only select one option)

The calculator will then give you an estimate for the ROI for your system, ranging from “none” to “very significant.”

Unified Communications ROI Calculator

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After considering the ROI on UC deployment, download our free e-book to discover: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------



✔ How IT decision-makers and employees rank the value of their UC providers



✔ The top 10 UC providers according to our survey results



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