Choosing Web Self-Service Software: How 3 Companies Addressed Their Service Challenges

By: on November 30, 2015

Imagine a customer has a question about some product or service. What’s the first thing they do? Call the company on the phone? Write them an email? Use live chat?

The answer is: None of the above. They search for an answer online. According to our research, online search is preferred by a clear majority of consumers (65 percent) when they need a question answered.

Web self-service resources are designed to meet the strong preference consumers have for finding their own answers online.

The demand for Web self-service options is clear. What’s more, data shows that implementing Web self-service can decrease demand for more expensive ways of answering questions, such as through live phone agents or personalized emails.

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Assuming all options are available, people with questions about products and services most prefer to:

Consumer self-service

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In successful implementations, Web self-service is truly a win-win proposition: Consumers win by getting direct access to the answers they seek. And businesses win by meeting consumer preferences, gaining a competitive advantage and lowering the costs of providing support.

Given all this, you’d expect every business under the sun to offer Web self-service. Yet many don’t. Our e-book provides examples of how three companies found the right Web self-service software to address their customer service challenges and achieve their goals.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:


✔ How to know when your company needs Web self-service

Many companies that could gain a competitive advantage by adding Web self-service don’t realize the opportunity it presents. In this e-book, we discuss how to know when adopting Web self-service would be a wise decision for your business.


✔ How to find self-service software that will meet the specific needs of your customers, your business and your industry

Web self-service software comes in many shapes and sizes—from generic, all-purpose platforms to highly specialized industry tools. Your company’s success with self-service begins with selecting the proper software. We’ll give suggestions for, and provide examples of, doing just that.


✔ Some of the benefits, both expected and unexpected, that companies have realized after implementing Web self-service

Many companies look to self-service to save money on live support. While it does achieve this goal (often very effectively), implementing self-service can lead to many other business benefits. In this e-book, we look at several real-world implementations and their very positive outcomes.


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