Construction Estimating Guide: What Tools Estimators Need and How to Evaluate Them

By: on November 3, 2015

Estimating tools have changed quite a bit since the days when calculators and hard-copy plans were all an estimator needed to bid a job.

Today, software automates tedious tasks, like quantity counts and markup calculations. And in the future, when building information modeling (BIM) technology is more affordable for small and midsize companies, the estimating process will be even more different.

When it’s time to switch from traditional to technology-driven estimating methods, you’ll want to know:

  1. How software impacts your workflow and efficiency
  2. Which features are most useful
  3. How to determine if the investment is right for you
  4. What skills are necessary to use software
  5. How software vendors price applications

This comprehensive guide answers these and other questions first-time buyers have about estimating software.

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Construction Estimating Guide
An Overview of Estimating Tools and Software

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In this e-book, you’ll learn:


✔ Insight from industry leaders

Find out what skills and traits today’s construction pros say estimators need in order to use future technology.


✔ Up-to-date technology research

Learn which software features and functionality are in high demand for other construction companies.


✔ Helpful checklists

Get checklists to walk through creating and evaluating a shortlist of products to find the right software for your business.


✔ Objection-handling tips

Not every team welcomes the inevitable change software brings. Read some common objections and tips for responding to them.


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