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on November 18, 2019

We scour the web for the most impactful construction management news, whether it be on technological developments or vital industry trends. Here are four of the top news items affecting the construction industry right now, and what they mean for your construction firm.

Week of November 18, 2019

Megaprojects increasing, influence of blockchain grows, and more construction news

Farmers find extra income through construction industry
With farm income tumbling, farmers are looking for other ways to boost revenues, and one way they’ve discovered is through the construction industry. As a result, authorities in Minnesota have attempted to connect farmers in the offseason with construction trades to help fill the gaps. It shows that there are unique areas construction managers can look for labor to deal with the labor shortage. [Read more]

Energy and megaprojects dominate construction in 2019
There has been a growing trend toward megaprojects and energy-related developments in the construction industry. While the dollar value of construction starts in 2019 has so far matched 2018, energy-related developments of $1 billion or more have been a much larger part of U.S. starts, with mid-size and smaller projects down 15% so far this year. [Read more]

Blockchain and IoT: Opening new capabilities in construction
Blockchain and the internet of things could have a big impact on the construction industry in the future. IoT enables the digitalization of assets and processes, while blockchain could help decentralize network management and streamline financing and payments, to name just a few potential benefits. [Read more]

Week of November 11, 2019

Canadian construction industry loses jobs, how AI can boost productivity, and more construction news

Technology can help construction firms beat staffing challenges
The ongoing construction labor shortage continues to be a vexing problem for the industry, but technology can help you deal with those staffing challenges. By using better human resources technology and outsourcing solutions, you automate a lot of administrative processes and can offer better benefits that will allow you to both find and keep workers. [Read more]

Canadian construction industry loses 21,300 jobs in October
The Canadian construction industry had a rough month in Oct. shedding 21,300 jobs and decreasing overall employment in the industry to 1.46 million. As a result, the construction labor market is only slightly better off than this time a year ago. [Read more]

How AI could dramatically increase construction industry productivity
Technology is all around us, but construction firms are often at a loss on how to use it to their advantage. One thing construction managers should take advantage of is artificial intelligence, which is showing promise as a technology that can help managers spot problems before they happen and identify productivity opportunities. [Read more]

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