3 Easy-to-Use Payroll Software Solutions

By: on May 15, 2020

Choosing the best payroll software for your business can save you and your team time and effort, so you want to make sure you’re signing up with the best vendor possible.

When starting your software buying journey, knowing which vendors have the best ease-of-use factor is a great place to start. That’s why we’ve analyzed thousands of real user reviews to see how they feel about the ease of use provided by payroll software vendors.

After narrowing down the top three, we calculated a “sentiment score” for each product.

What is a sentiment score?
Think of the sentiment score as a numerical representation of how real users of the software rate and review it. The score is a rating of how positive the comments for a product or the features of a product are. Rave reviews get a higher score, lukewarm reviews a lower score, poor reviews get a negative score—all on a scale of one through 10.

The 3 easiest payroll software solutions

Presented in alphabetical order, here are the top three products with the highest ease-of-use sentiment scores across all reviewed payroll software solutions.

Product Ease-of-use sentiment score (out of 10)
Netchex 6.38
PrimePay 6.31
Wagepoint 6.33

1. Netchex

Netchex logo
Sentiment score: 6.38 (out of a possible 10)
Mentions of ease of use in reviews: 26
Percent of mentions that are positive: 88%

Netchex is a cloud-based payroll management solution designed primarily for midsize and large enterprises, so if your business is on the smaller side, you might want to look elsewhere.

Some of the key features Netchex boasts are recruiting and onboarding management, payroll management, tax compliance, time and attendance management, and reporting and analytics.

It’s important to note that their payroll feature offers multiple pay options, automated tax reporting, and electronic IRS filing services. Businesses pay a monthly subscription for the number of modules subscribed.

Netchex users praise how easy the navigation and self-training features are, and highlight how user-friendly the payroll database is.

Netchex’s ease-of-use sentiment score

Curious how much reviewers like Netchex as an easy payroll solution? Compared to the average payroll software solutions reviewed, Netchex is well ahead of the competition with a 6.38 out of 10 which is above the average and the highest scoring among the three solutions listed here.

Ease-of-use sentiment score for Netchex

The sentiment score for Netchex (out of a possible 10) as compared to all other products

The breakdown of sentiments show that 88% of reviewers found their experience with Netchex to be positive when it comes to how easy their payroll software was.

Netchex Ease-of-use sentiment

Want to learn more about what Netchex has to offer you? Check out more insights and detailed reviews here. You might also want to learn why Netchex made our FrontRunner list this year as well.


PrimePay logo
Sentiment score: 6.31 (out of a possible 10)
Mentions of customer support in reviews: 28
Percent of mentions that are positive: 91%

PrimePay is a cloud-based human resources (HR) and payroll management solution designed specifically for small businesses.

PrimePay’s payroll reporting allows users to create and share standard reports such as compensation recaps, general ledger, and 401(k) reports.

Their payroll software also allows employees to keep track of their time and calculate pay based on the amount of time they’ve worked.

The system offers subscription pricing based on the number of modules being used and integrates with QuickBooks and Microsoft Word.

Users cite easy navigation frequently and talk about how their employees never have trouble using the easy payroll options that the software provides.

PrimePay’s ease-of-use sentiment score

Like the software solutions above, we looked at all the reviews that mentioned how easy the payroll solution was to use and compared that to all other payroll software solutions.

PrimePay’s impressive sentiment score edges out the average payroll software solution based on the number of positive comments they receive about their ease of use.

Ease-of-use sentiment score comparison for PrimePay

The sentiment score for PrimePay (out of a possible 10) as compared to all other products

After doing a deep dive into what each comment says about PrimePay’s ease of use, we found promising statistics. 91% of reviewers had nothing but positive things to say. Overwhelmingly, users found that it made payroll easier for their business and cited excellent customer service as well.

PrimePay Ease-of-use sentiment

If you want to find out more about what PrimePay brings to the table, take a look at their profile page. Oh, and spoiler alert—they also made our FrontRunners list this year.


Wagepoint logo
Sentiment score: 6.33 (out of a possible 10)
Mentions of customer support in reviews: 41
Percent of mentions that are positive: 92%

Wagepoint is a cloud-based payroll management solution that caters to small businesses and serves a variety of industries and segments including banking, distribution, retail, and more.

Wagepoint can handle direct deposits, federal, state, and local tax reporting, W2s, W3s, 1099s, and online pay stubs. It also offers multi-currency support. Wagepoint is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Employers can share access with employees to view their personal information, including pay stubs, helping them replace the lost documents.

The reviewers praise Wagepoint’s navigation as being easy to use and generally seem to agree that their employees save time because the software is intuitive.

Wagepoint’s ease-of-use sentiment score

To find out how reviewers feel about Wagepoint’s ease of use, we look at how often ease of use was mentioned in reviews.

With 6.33 out of 10, Wagepoint outpaces the average payroll software solution sentiment score, which means reviewers have found that it’s an easy to use and intuitive payroll software solution.

Ease-of-use sentiment score comparison for Wagepoint

The sentiment score for Wagepoint (out of a possible 10) as compared to all other products

When reviewed, Wagepoint users responded overwhelmingly positive when it came to ease of use. Based on the user reviews, the lack of negative comments indicates that Wagepoint is an easy-to-use payroll software solution.

Wagepoint's ease-of-use sentiment

To find out what other reviewers are saying about Wagepoint, take a look here. You’ll also be pleased to know that they, like the previous two software solutions, made our FrontRunners list this year.

Additional resources for your software search

Our Payroll Buyers Guide has information on common features, side-by-side product comparisons, and market trends to get you started on your buyer journey.

Each year we release a payroll software FrontRunners, and this year all three of these software solutions made the list. Check it out here.

And of course, our expert advisors are here to help walk you through the software search. Take a minute to schedule a time to make a free, 20 minute one-on-one phone call with an advisor to boost your confidence in your software purchase.


To be considered for inclusion in this report, we required 20 or more unique reviews mentioning “ease of use” or related terms.
The products listed in this report had the highest percentage of positive mentions of customer support of eligible products.

To calculate the sentiment score, we looked at the specific mentions of customer support in each review and analyzed the terms used to describe customer support. We then scored each term on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the most positive, five being neutral, and zero being the most negative. The score for each snippet was the sum of all descriptive terms in the snippet. Snippet scores were then averaged for the product to determine the average sentiment score for the product.

When comparing the average sentiment score of a product to the average score for the entire category, the product’s score was removed for accuracy.

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