Everything You Need to Know About Dude Solutions’ Software

By: Taylor Short on July 17, 2020

Dude Solutions is a popular provider of software designed for the maintenance, facilities, manufacturing, government, and healthcare industries. Their cloud-based, integrated systems assist professionals with daily operations and help automate important, yet tedious tasks.

Here, we’ll breakdown Dude Solutions’ offerings, from asset tracking tools to energy-saving software, so you can determine which best fits your business needs.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Asset Essentials

Asset Essentials is Dude Solutions’ system for tracking and managing a variety of asset types in a single facility or throughout a college campus, manufacturing plant, or multiple governmental buildings.


A map view in Asset Essentials shows the location of each task on a single screen.

The system makes it easier to submit, prioritize, and complete work orders in an organized workflow, along with a view of tasks on a map to help schedule service more efficiently. All of this functionality is also available to users on mobile devices.

Core features of the system are designed to support task management:

Work order management

Allows users to submit work orders, then assign them to technicians, attach relevant documents or images, and prioritize tasks based on the level of importance and urgency.

Maintenance scheduling

Managers can schedule work using a calendar view that can alert technicians when tasks are due.

Inventory management

Track the stored volume of spare parts and materials used in maintenance and minimize carrying costs.

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Technicians can use historic data and real-time asset conditions to optimize maintenance schedules or predict when failures will occur.


TheWorxHub is a facilities management system designed for healthcare organizations, including several applications that can be pieced together to meet the needs of any business. At its core are apps for maintenance management, asset management, and capital planning.


Asset profiles in TheWorxHub include fields for relevant details and documents.

The system includes similar functionality to Asset Essentials (work order management, scheduling, and inventory) with some additional tools valuable for healthcare organizations, such as:

Housekeeping management

Create cleaning schedules for housekeeping staff with a task list and task priority levels.

Capital planning

Track the purchase details and lifespan for each asset to calculate costs when making replacement versus repair decisions.

Resident billing

Generate bills and deliver to residents for maintenance, housekeeping, or other services.

Space management

Upload documents or maps to help with decisions on how to best utilize a space or facility.

Energy Manager

Energy Management helps companies monitor and improve the efficiency of energy use in offices and other facilities. Facility managers can analyze the current utility bills to identify waste from inaccurate meter readings or low-efficiency buildings.


Energy Manager’s dashboard includes graphs to visualize energy usage and costs.

Users can also track grants and programs that can reduce costs or provide tax exemptions for green, sustainable, or alternative energy initiatives. The system also offers a single dashboard to view all utilities (such as water or natural gas) month-to-month to spot trends you can address.

Other features include:

Budget management

Users can create customized budgets to estimate costs and make adjustments if rates change.

ENERGY STAR integration

Integrate the system with ENERGY STAR to identify cost-saving actions and compare your facility to industry standards.


Customize reports for utility and energy usage, or use templates for carbon emissions, weather, or to build review reports.

Event Manager

Event Manager is a system for scheduling events at your facilities, with the ability to create and share calendars. A dashboard provides quick access to the percentage of facility usage, cost and revenue from events, and a view of upcoming and pending events.


Use Event Manager to create and share events with other employees and customers.

Users can view registrants as they sign up to help adjust to the volume of participants, and reporting features can reveal trends in event costs and revenues to promote continuous improvements.

Event Manager also includes:

Payments and invoicing

Set up online payments for registrants or products, then create invoices for a single or series of events and email directly to registrants.

Survey management

Users can generate surveys to gather feedback from participants before or after an event.

Community portal

Publish and share upcoming events and materials through a public-facing events page.


SmartGov is a government management system that helps local officials keep track of licensing, inspections, permits, code enforcement, and other tasks. Instead of juggling multiple files or spreadsheets, SmartGov can automate the workflow for common requests and prevent bottlenecks.


Residents can view and pay for services through an online portal from SmartGov.

The system also gives users a method to receive and process code enforcement complaints, and a SMARTqueue tool to help prioritize permit requests.

SmartGov also includes:

Contact management

Enter and manage any third-party contacts used for services, including business details and personal information.

Mobile app

Users can access the same functionality of SmartGov through a mobile device.

Capital Forecasting

Capital Forecasting is a tool designed to assist with the repair or replacement decision for assets and buildings. Using real-time data, users can view the condition of assets to adjust maintenance schedules and prevent failures before they occur.


Capital Forecasting breaks down the costs over time for each part of the facility.

Upload building types, systems, and asset components to calculate accurate costs per square foot and understand the useful lifespan and long-term costs. Users can also run a model with existing data to suggest renewal needs into the future.

Other features in Capital Forecasting include:


Run reports on individual components of a facility or a needs report to view upcoming repairs and replacements.

Integration with Asset Essentials

Users can submit work requests directly from Capital Forecasting or share building data between both tools.

Find the right Dude Solution for you

Check out our profiles of Dude Solutions’ systems on our maintenance or facilities product pages to find more details on functionality, the user interface, and read reviews from real users.

And for more personalized recommendations, schedule a free consultation with one of our software advisors to discover which software matches your specific needs.