3 Top-Rated General Contractor Bidding Software

on November 28, 2018

Juggling between client emails, phone calls and faxes, general contractors have a tough time managing construction bids manually on Excel spreadsheets. What’s more, largely relying on a manual process means your bidding process is likely full of inefficiencies and avoidable errors.

General contractors should use software to streamline and automate the many tasks in a bidding process. Construction bidding software solutions help contractors with important tasks such as:

  • Maintaining a database of contacts
  • Centralizing communication
  • Requesting proposals
  • Organizing contracts

That said, there are many different construction bidding systems out there with substantial differences in functionalities, pricing, deployment options and support offered.

Businesses that overlook these considerations are more likely to purchase construction software that lacks the necessary features for their needs.

However, we understand that most businesses don’t have the time to research software, and finding the right tool can be an overwhelming task—especially for first-time software buyers.

To make your search for these solutions easier, we analyzed real reviews by construction software users to find the three most highly rated systems based on overall ratings. We considered products that had more than 20 reviews and offered features relevant to small businesses buyers.

Listed below are the three top-rated construction bidding solutions. Read on to find out their key features and why these tools might be useful to you.


4.5/5 overall average rating
CoConstruct is designed to help general contractors streamline the bid request creation process.

Users can create bid requests by directly copying and pasting details of items required for the project from the tool’s estimating dashboard or by uploading an Excel project costing sheet. Then, they can email the bid requests to a list of subcontractors from within the solution.

Tracking subcontractor bids in CoConstruct (Source)

Once general contractors send the bid request email, they can track subcontractors who’ve submitted their bids and those that haven’t. The tool allows subcontractors to acknowledge the email, letting general contractors know they’re interested in submitting a bid.

Why it’s valuable for general contractors: CoConstruct offers features that help general contractors manage bids, right from the prequalification stages to the final awarding of the bid.

For instance, the tool centralizes communication during bid negotiation, as both contractors and subcontractors can send email inquiries and share important files on a single location.

A centralized platform also helps contractors request any information from subcontractors such as their financial status, compliance certifications and more.


4.5/5 overall average rating
BuildingConnected helps general contractors manage bids and subcontractors. The solution offers some core functionalities of construction bidding software, such as contact management and bid invitation management, which are essential for general contractors.

Proposal management in BuildingConnected (Source)

The tool also helps subcontractors manage and organize bids. They can use the system to receive bid requests, send bid proposals and negotiate bids with general contractors. In addition, the bid calendar feature helps subcontractors keep track of important dates such as bid or RFI submission due dates.

Why it’s valuable for general contractors: BuildingConnected offers many features that help general contractors automate different aspects of the bidding process.

For instance, the contact management functionality allows general contractors to store subcontractor details (bid proposals, company size, industry, financial status, insurance and compliance papers), in a centralized location. Having those details handy makes comparing subcontractor bids to select the best candidates a much faster process.

The solution also makes it easy to find subcontractors by providing a networking platform.


4.5/5 overall average rating
PipelineSuite is a best-of-breed construction bid management software solution that offers features such as bid invitation management, bid calendars, subcontractor management and document management.

Bid calendar in PipelineSuite (Source)

PipelineSuite aims to help both general contractors and subcontractors manage the bidding process more effectively, compared with doing it manually.

For instance, general contractors can create and send bid requests using a pre-saved bid list for specific industries. Subcontractors can respond to the bids, ask questions, update their details, such as contact information, and view, download or upload files—all in one place.

Why it’s valuable for general contractors: PipelineSuite is a combination of three solutions that help general contractors manage the bidding process from end-to-end. It offers the following capabilities:

  • Bid invitation: Create bid requests and accept bid proposals from subcontractors.
  • Document management: Share project details, such as specification documents, with subcontractors.
  • Prequalify and select subcontractors: Compare and analyze bids as well as award contracts to subcontractors.

Find More Options That Fit Your Needs

According to our user reviews, the three construction bidding software platforms we’ve looked at here are popular among general contractors. However, there are many construction bidding solutions out there, which could be a better fit based on your budget and special requirements.

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve created software buyer’s guides, and we also offer free, no obligation software consultations.

  • Do you have a small budget? Compare different bidding software vendors, their features and pricing to find the construction bidding software that’s in your budget and suits your business needs.
  • Do you have a really small budget? Based on the size and needs of your business, consider whether you need a low-cost bidding solution or if a full-fledged construction solution will meet your bidding needs.
  • Do you want personalized help to find construction bidding software? Our software advisors can help you shortlist the right solution. Call at (844) 864-6931 for a free and no-obligation consultation to find the best construction bidding software for your business.

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