Top Recommended Hootsuite Alternatives for Social Media Management

By: on July 12, 2018

Small business marketers have their work cut out for them.

Studies, such as the Social Media Marketing 2018 report, reveal that marketers have to work doubly hard building their brand’s reputation in not just established platforms such as Facebook, but also newer channels, such as Instagram.

But, the challenge becomes even greater for those who try to execute a social content strategy manually, using a cluster of Excel sheets for tracking. Scheduling and posting content manually to the numerous social channels is, to say the least, grueling. Worse, it can lead to costly errors that can ruin an SMB’s online reputation.

To get out of this rut, small business marketers should automate their processes using software, which according to an SMB trends report by Salesforce, is not only highly beneficial but also a hot trend among growing small businesses.

Because maintaining a social content strategy takes up so much of a marketer’s time, small businesses should automate the process using social media management tools. This improves customer engagement, boosts brand recognition and helps avoid the errors resulting from relying on manual methods.

One such tool is Hootsuite, which is rated highly by Software Advice users, with a 4.5 out of 5. It offers functionalities such as bulk post scheduling and detailed content performance reports.

However, Hootsuite might not be the right solution for your business, especially if your needs are limited to basic social content management. There are many alternative solutions out there that could better serve your requirements and meet your budget.

In this report, we’re listing the five most recommended alternatives to Hootsuite by Software Advice users. Regardless of whether you’re a current user of Hootsuite who’s considering other options, or a newcomer to buying a social media management tool, this report will help you make a better purchase decision.

Top 5 Most-Recommended Alternatives to Hootsuite:

1. SocialReport
2. ContentStudio
3. Planable
4. Gain
5. Loomly

SocialReport: Ideal for Agencies With Multiple Clients

SocialReport is a tool for managing and monitoring content across multiple social channels.

Agencies that manage social media accounts for multiple clients and need to build custom reports will find SocialReport useful.

Both SocialReport and Hootsuite are suitable for large teams that are managing multiple social platforms. And, both tools offer features such as post scheduling, social monitoring and reporting, which help you engage with customers and track content performance.

Hootsuite stands out for its Twitter management capabilities, which help you manage customers, identify competitors and track brand mentions on the channel. On the other hand, SocialReport lets marketers build unlimited custom reports for clients at no extra charge.

Here’s an overview of what users like about SocialReport and some improvements they’d like to see:

Hootsuite vs. SocialReport comparison

ContentStudio: Discover the Right Web Content

ContentStudio is a social media content discovery and scheduling tool that helps users engage customers using content from different online sources.

This tool is suitable for businesses that want to automate social media postings using curated content from around the web.

ContentStudio and Hootsuite offer some similar features, such as the ability to curate and post content from different sources and to collaborate with team members to build an editorial calendar. This includes planning and scheduling posts for weeks or months.

Hootsuite comes with high-level social analytics and reporting capabilities, which are generally required by large businesses and marketing agencies. On the other hand, ContentStudio’s automatic content discovery and posting feature suits small businesses that are mainly interested in maintaining a social presence. Automating these basic activities means you won’t have to spend a ton of resources or time on them.

Here’s an overview of what users like about ContentStudio and some improvements they’d like to see:

Hootsuite vs. ContentStudio comparison

Planable: For Social Media Management Newbies

Planable is a tool that helps teams create, approve and schedule content for different social media platforms.

It’s a social content management tool without many bells and whistles that requires virtually no training, making it suitable for first-time or less tech-savvy users.

Hootsuite and Planable offer a few common functionalities for managing a team of marketers and creating and posting content. Both tools let teams build engaging social content, track publishing schedules and communicate with other team members or clients.

In terms of where they differ, Planable is a tool small marketing teams can use to collaborate with clients and manage approvals/feedback before posting content to social platforms. Meanwhile, Hootsuite is better for larger agencies and businesses that need advanced social monitoring capabilities and detailed reports to understand their social marketing ROI.

Here’s an overview of what users like about Planable and some improvements they’d like to see:

Hootsuite vs. Planable comparison

Gain: Easy Client Approval for Your Content

Gain is a social media management tool with features such as a content planning calendar, centralized file sharing, built-in approval workflows and automated scheduling.

Gain suits small marketing agencies that need to interact with clients and get their approval before posting content to social channels.

Gain and Hootsuite offer some similar features such as scheduling calendars, automated posting and content approval workflows. Marketing teams can keep clients updated about post schedules and get quick approvals on content that’s ready to go live.

What differentiates Gain from Hootsuite is that Gain is designed for team collaboration. Gain makes it easy to view schedules at a glance and gain approvals or feedback from clients. On the other hand, Hootsuite is more of a “one-stop shop” that offers collaboration and advanced features such as analytics and built-in social ad boosting.

Here’s an overview of what users like about Gain and some improvements they’d like to see:

Hootsuite vs. Gain comparison

Loomly: Flexible for Small and Large Teams Alike

Loomly is a tool for managing and monitoring content across different social platforms.

It’s a flexible media management solution that’s suitable for both small and large teams.

Loomly and Hootsuite are both full-featured tools that come with a wide set of functionalities such as list and calendar views of post schedules, content suggestions, team dashboard, reporting, autopublishing and more.

Loomly stands out as being easy to use, despite its large set of features, and offers flexible pricing plans for small and large teams. On the other hand, Hootsuite is primarily for large teams that need advanced functionalities such as custom-branded URLs and multiple third-party integrations.

Here’s an overview of what users like about Loomly and some improvements they’d like to see:

Hootsuite vs. Gain comparison

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