How Much Does Construction Software Cost?

By: on July 30, 2015

Construction projects are full of surprises—and so is construction software pricing. Avoid the sticker shock by reading this guide before asking vendors for quotes.

This e-book has important information about how project management software is licensed and priced, including:

  • Common license models
  • Often-overlooked costs
  • Pricing of top systems

We know it’s tough to squeeze software evaluation into your busy schedule, so we’ve done some of the research for you. In fact, since 2006, Software Advice has helped thousands of project managers find the right construction software for their businesses.

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What will you learn?


✔ Which pricing model is right for you

Understanding the differences between perpetual, subscription
and open-source licenses will help you figure out which model
makes the most financial sense for your business.


✔ License and development fees

Estimate how much you’ll pay for perpetual/monthly license
fees or for development fees (for open-source licenses).


✔ Hidden expenses that increase the total cost of ownership

Upfront and recurring costs are typically excluded from advertised
license fees. Find out about costs many buyers overlook to calculate
the true price of owning and maintaining a system.


✔ What popular systems cost

See what major vendors charge for construction project
management software licenses to give you a baseline for cost


Starter license costs for 15 products, including:

BuilderTrend    Primavera P6    Corecon    Prolog

Jonas Construction    Accubuild    Vista by Viewpoint

What licenses do software vendors offer?



Since the cloud-based deployment model has been widely
adopted by vendors, monthly and annual subscription licenses are
quite popular. Small construction companies often opt for subscription
licenses, as their low upfront costs make them more budget-friendly.



Large construction companies that maintain on-premise systems and
in-house IT teams are more likely to choose perpetual licenses. Upfront
costs can be large, but because the license fee is paid once, recurring
costs are relatively low. Some vendors have converted completely to
the cloud-based model, while others offer both subscription and
perpetual licenses.


Open Source

Open-source licenses are less common. Since open-source software
is flexible and usually free to download and develop, companies with
unique workflows and requirements can configure it to get exactly
what they need while saving thousands in license fees. Costs for
custom development can be significant, however.

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