Human Resources Case Study: Benefits of ATS Software for SMBs

By: on February 28, 2017

Human resources recruiters know it’s too easy to let candidate paperwork get out of hand, causing a real headache when hiring needs increase.

Why would anyone opt to sort through messy filing cabinets and manually update candidate information when you can automate these tedious, error-prone tasks with applicant tracking system (ATS) software?

You may have asked yourself this question before, but held back from investing in a solution due to budget constraints or skepticism about the technology’s benefits.

In the video below, you’ll meet entrepreneur Tim Hammerich, cofounder of agribusiness recruiting company AgGrad. He explains why finding the right, budget-friendly ATS early on made his startup more efficient, organized and profitable.



See the transcription for this case study video here

If that wasn’t enough to get you off the fence, consider the results of a recent report we wrote about ATS software buyers.

Every day, Software Advice helps hundreds of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) find the best solution for their budget. In a study of these interactions, we identified the most requested ATS features. Consider how much time you can save by automating these tasks:


Top Requested ATS Features

Top Requested ATS Features
These are just a small sample of the various capabilities included in most ATS software options. When you’re ready to start comparing systems, check out the beta release of our FrontRunners quadrant for ATS here.

Video Transcription

Tim Hammerich: Hello! Welcome to another episode of the future of agriculture podcast.

Narrator: The man on the mic is HR recruiter Tim Hammerich…who is passionate about sharing stories about the agriculture industry to inspire a new audience.

Tim Hammerich: Of all the recruiting that was going on and all the need for talent in agriculture, nobody was really targeting the youngest demographic: the millennials.

Narrator: With that focus, Hammerich co-founded…a recruiting agency connecting young professionals to jobs in agriculture. But getting his business off the ground was no easy task.

Tim Hammerich: The guy I bought the Texas office from had done the job since I was born in the early 80’s. So he had files and files and files of resumes and job orders and client files and it was extremely intimidating.

I realized if I’m going to create a scalable model…I needed some software help.

Narrator: So, he searched online for applicant tracking software, or ATS. These systems help businesses automate the hiring process—from receiving online applications to on-boarding new hires. For Hammerich, it helped consolidate cabinets of cluttered information into one, easy-to-use system.

Tim Hammerich: I started AgGrad in December of last year, so almost a year ago today and I have more than doubled my first year projection and I think a lot of that is due to the software that I was able to incorporate very early on in the process.

Narrator: You can see which applicant tracking system is right for you by visiting There, you can also check out the FrontRunners quadrant showing top performing products in the market. Check it out for free by clicking on the link in the upper right corner of your screen.

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