Live Chat: The Customer Experience Silver Bullet

By: on November 19, 2015

Pleasing customers is a constant challenge. You must provide them with the product and service information they need, when they need it—without sacrificing too much time or resources. Live chat software for business is a tool uniquely suited to tackling this challenge.

As Software Advice has found, live chat is one of the most popular communication channels, and thus one of the most valuable.

Customers like it because it provides near-instant answers to their pressing questions. What’s more, the answers come without any of the hassles associated with making phone calls to customer service or tech support departments.

Businesses are also big fans of live chat. It’s a tool that gives customers an easy, efficient way to get information they need, exactly when and where they need it.

Whether it’s improving customer service, boosting the end-user experience or helping customers make purchase decisions, live chat software for business tackles it all—without breaking the bank.


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