Mapping the Small Hotel Customer Journey: Part 2 [INFOGRAPHIC]

By: Taylor Short on November 10, 2016

All the data hospitality organizations gather about their guests can be used to create a more personalized experience during their stay. But, it can also be used to form a comprehensive view of how your customers ultimately found and booked your hotel.

By knowing the path your guests took, you can extend meaningful engagement throughout the entire hotel guest journey.

Message guests by text before they even arrive with special discounts, inspire positive reviews with in-room surprises and encourage return visits with personalized offers. It’s much easier to deliver world-class service as you guide guests throughout the entire experience, from the initial search to their trip back home.

This infographic reveals the top questions you should answer to delight your property’s most valuable guests as they move through the five key stages of their hotel journey.

NOTE: You can check out part one of this two-part series here.