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By: on December 2, 2019

By: Lisa Hedges and Rahul Kumar

Read this roundup of healthcare news articles to learn about what’s happening in the world of medicine and how this news will impact your practice.

Week of December 2, 2019

Researchers may have found the cause of vaping illness, Virtual Care Provider Inc. is under attack, and more healthcare news

Study links some antibiotics to a raised risk of Parkinson’s disease
Researchers at Helsinki University Hospital in Finland have released a report on a recent study that found a connection between oral antibiotics that disrupt the gut biome with the risk of Parkinson’s disease. This report comes after an earlier study that found that patients with Parkinson’s often had altered gut microbes for unknown reasons. Both studies found that the changes in the gut that are connected to Parkinson’s could occur up to two decades before the onset of the disease. [Read more]

Ransomware attack on cloud vendor freezes nursing home EHR data
Virtual Care Provider Inc., a hosting and IT provider that serves post-acute care facilities across the U.S., has been hit by a ransomware attack. Russian hackers have demanded $14 million in bitcoin in exchange for the decryption key to restore the patient data they’ve corrupted. Virtual Care officials said they are “feverishly working” to restore access to the estimated 20% of affected data. [Read more]

Vitamin E compound likely culprit behind vaping lung illnesses, study finds
Researchers in Minnesota believe they have found the ingredient responsible for 47 deaths related to “black market” vaping products: Vitamin E acetate. The study showed that this compound was not found in most illegal vape products tested in Minnesota the year before the vaping illness outbreak began, but it has been found in nearly all samples since then. [Read more]

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