15 Best Microsoft Dynamics CRM Industry Solutions

By: on April 28, 2017

People usually assume that customer relationship management (CRM) is about sales, service and marketing applications. Actual CRM software users disagree; CRM is a specific functionality for their business needs. For example, among CRM users, a pharmaceutical rep will use sales software to check FDA-related information, while a cattle rancher will use a tracking solution to locate their herd. Yes, there’s an app for that.

To meet these unique industry requirements, Microsoft employs hundreds of partners that resell, customize and implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These value-added resellers (VARs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) extend the core Dynamics CRM applications to meet the unique needs of companies in many markets. There are now hundreds of certified industry solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The breadth of these solutions is highly varied, indicating the scope and capability of the Microsoft partner channel.

In this article, we’ll look at the specificity of these solutions by listing some of our favorite Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner solutions. For your ease, we’ve linked each industry to its corresponding solution:

Advertising Financial Services Non-Profit
Agriculture Healthcare Pharmaceuticals
Automotive Hospitality/Travel Public Sector
Construction Insurance Real Estate
Distribution Legal Retail


SAGlobal is a Gold Microsoft Partner for ERP and Cloud Platform that offers business solutions for advertising and marketing agencies. The company uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 and it’s Project+ extension to combine various functions, such as finance, client management and service fulfillment. It aims to help agencies sell and provide creative services as well as adapt to changing client requirements quickly.

With increased visibility across all departments, agencies can effectively manage job costing, project duration and expenses, resources and talent as well as client-facing engagements. SAGlobal provides an integrated accounting solution to aid with the costing processes as well as BI and reporting capabilities to help make business decisions. The BI capabilities are part of its Project+ offering.

As part of Project+, SAGlobal clients can add integral advertising functions such as:

  • Sales to project execution integration
  • Qualification tracking
  • Client billing enhancements
  • Subcontractor compliance and reconciliation
  • Role-based resourcing


Atrio Systems offers CRM for Livestock, a relationship management solution for agriculture companies that manage or provide services for livestock, such as cattle, horses and poultry. In addition to tracking interactions with customers and suppliers, these companies need to maintain detailed data on the health and background of their herd. Also, both customers and regulators impose strict demands for animal-specific histories.

Atrio’s suite of solutions includes managing herd and farm (or inventory managements), tracking the genetic and reproductive program (monitors breeding and births), vet/nutrionalist management (health history, provision of drugs or supplements, nutrition, etc.) as well as streamlining and recording farm visits. When you think of CRM, did you ever think it would be used to manage Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) and somatic cell counts for Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI)?


Quorum’s flagship dealer management system (DMS), XSELLERATOR, integrates every department in an automotive dealership. It addresses the specialized capabilities that dealerships require from CRM software, such as real-time posting of all transactions instead of batch processing, support for multiple facilities and franchises and one-time entry of customer and vehicle information.

XSELLERATOR aims to meet the needs of both the salesman and dealership manager with capabilities for customer/vehicle database management, sales performance tracking and cross-departmental communication. Database management helps maintain detailed information on all potential and current customers, as well as automobiles on their lot. Sales performance tracking informs managers of each salesperson’s performance and status of monthly quota. Cross-departmental communication gives visibility into deal-closing information, such as pricing, trade-in value and financing options.

With such a solution, customers don’t have to wait for the sales agent who’s gone to “check with their manager” about every single detail.


Strategic Industry Solution (SIS) seeks to address the issues of tight profit margins and uncertainties in the construction industry with its Construction ERP and CRM Software. The solution is based on Dynamics AX, Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It aims to increase efficiency and ensure risk mitigation for construction companies, general and specialty contractors as well as civil engineering firms.

SIS Software’s Microsoft Dynamics solutions offer analysis and reports, HR and payroll, labor management, business development (i.e., conversion of prospects and project estimation), job costing, resource management, project execution (i.e., managing resources, deadlines, budgets and billing) and more. SIS also provides accounting for equipment and labor that’s tied up with the project management capabilities. This allows for greater efficiency across the project lifecycle.


Formerly known as Ignify, Hitachi Solutions provides wholesale distribution business management solutions for various industries, such as paper and office supplies, food and beverage, toys, electronics as well as cosmetics and personal care manufacturers and distributors. It offers Hitachi CRM for Transportation that provides shipment information, a 360-degree view of the customer, performance status across contracts, customers, lanes, terminals and regions, customer service and sales management.

Hitachi Solutions’ products are powered by Microsoft Cloud and are marketed as a combination of Microsoft AX, CRM and Business Intelligence with Hitachi’s expert services and ongoing live support.

The shipment information feature integrates with transport management systems to provide visibility into current and historical shipment information. The customer 360 view helps manage shipping preferences, key contacts, third-party logistics providers as well as pricing and service agreements to combine sales, marketing and customer service efforts. CRM in performance management helps identify downward trends so as to quicken decision making. Customer service gives a single view of all customer shipment activity to manage communication. Sales management deals with volume-based forecasting and managing RFP, RFQ and bidding processes within the CRM for increased collaboration and cross-selling opportunities.

Financial Services

iPipeline is an insurance-specific CRM built on Microsoft Dynamics that helps manage and maintain contacts, activities and opportunities. Its Agency Integrator solution helps with managing the daily insurance operations for banks, brokerage general agents, financial institutions and marketing organizations. The solution allows users to track insurance transactions, communicate with agent customers and generate reports.

Agency Integrator can be integrated with iPipeline’s CRM. Its key features are  automated report generation, compilation of data on status, commission and appointments, integrated insurance workflows and memo communication. One of the benefits is setting a standard operating procedure for processing and tracking business growth. Also, by pre-populating data, users can save time spent on data entry and while eliminating administrative errors.


PowerObjects is an HCL subsidiary that offers the Total Care Management engagement model to help with customer relationships within hospitals. It aims to manage the complex relationships and requirements of hospital systems to improve engagement for healthcare providers.

Total Care Management can be used to handle executive health needs, such as coordinating travel, support receptions, arranging physical examinations and tracking non-clinical appointments. Also, it facilitates referral management, patient outreach and concierge services.

Leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, PowerObjects enables organizations to manage relationships between patients and physicians, among providers, staff and the hospital administration. The solution automates communication, invoicing, reporting, resource allocation, scheduling as well as task allocation and tracking.


IQubz offers a Hospitality CRM and Hotel Analytics solution that helps hotels manage their two biggest challenges: driving participation in loyalty programs and improving customer satisfaction. It is also important that a CRM application integrate with common hotel systems, such as property management software (PMS) and central reservation systems (CRS).

To address industry-specific needs, IQubz has a suite of solutions for sales and marketing automation, central profiles management, loyalty program and hospitality warehouse. Sales automation takes care of leads, opportunities, group sales and follow ups. Marketing automation manages email marketing, departure emails as well as surveys and analytics. Loyalty program management aims to increase repeat business by rewarding customers. Hospitality data warehouse provides a consolidated view of the whole business.

Central profiles management aims to improve guest recognition and customer service with negotiated rates, guest preferences and lifestyle, stay history and reservations, VIP and loyalty standing as well as other stay-related features. This means that when Barbra Streisand checks in, you will already have the rose petals in the toilet and the peach-colored tissues by the bed. Seriously.


VUE CRM for Insurance is specifically targeted at life and annuity, property and casualty  (P&C) as well as health insurers. It aims to support marketing and sales team to gain, nurture and maintain relationships in the distribution channel. The mobile-enabled solution allows producers and distribution partners to have anytime access to information.

VUE CRM has three plans that insurers can choose from: contact management, opportunity management and performance management. Contact management includes communication by the sales team and work management features, such as task tracking, reporting, calendars and document storage. Opportunity management includes all of the features from contact management as well as recruiting, sales opportunity management and sales reporting. The performance management plan includes all of the above features in addition to territory performance management, custom sales workflows and VUE analytics.


Aderant is a Microsoft Gold Partner that offers practice and legal case management software Aderant Total Office for law firms. Aderant Total Office, formerly known as Client Profiles, embeds case management functionality within Microsoft Office so that staff can directly link to detailed case information without switching programs. The solution aims to increase productivity and profitability for its many users, which include litigation law firms, business transaction practices, corporate legal departments, insurance companies and even government organizations.


Preact CRM provides CRM solutions for charities and nonprofits that are embedded with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The solution’s main goal is to help nonprofits reduce costs and increase their revenue. Preact CRM handles many tasks, such as managing members, donors and beneficiaries, cutting costs, consolidating donor and sponsor information into a single interface, increasing fundraising and commercial activities, reporting for performance insight and governance compliance, developing positive social sentiment and organizing events.

Preact CRM also enables connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM to marketing automation solutions, such as dotmailer and ClickDimensions. This integration aims to increase awareness about the nonprofit and create cross-sell or up-sell offers for future fundraising events. Preact CRM also offers income management and integration with social media to track the performance of social campaigns. This help volunteers understand the audience and react to positive as well as negative sentiments about the charity among the public.


Merit Solutions helps biotech, pharmaceutical and medical product companies improve their business efficiencies with its MAXLife solution. The solution is embedded with Microsoft Dynamics AX and deployed in the cloud via Microsoft Azure. It features pre-built business process models, industry-based documentation, implementation templates and third-party integrations.

MAXLife’s key offerings include CAPA/NCR that supports for ISO, 8D Corrective and Preventative Actions as well as Nonconformance Reports, auditing, electronic batch records, shelf life and retest management, SharePoint access, change control for product data and document management system.

Public Sector

Eskel Porter offers Public Records Tracker as a CRM solution for federal, state and local government agencies. The solution helps to manage request for records by citizens. It is an online solution that complies with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Government documents are accessible to the public through the FOIA but used to be a time-consuming process. Public Records Tracker shortens the time taken to search these records.

The Public Records Tracker has capabilities beyond a typical CRM offering, such as prioritization rules, automated tasks and FOIA integration. Prioritization rules help organize, route and escalate incoming requests to the correct person or department. Task automation includes formatted email responses to common questions, fee estimations for special requests and due date alerts. Because every state has different FOIA regulations, features can be customized to ensure full compliance regardless of the government agency’s location.

Public Records Tracker also helps agencies manage the “fun” bureaucratic procedures, protocols and regulations, so that when the US Attorney General comes knocking, all your organizational ducks will be in a row.

Real Estate

Ascendix’s real estate solution, AscendixRE, is a CRM solution for brokerages, property owners/operators and real estate investment trusts. AscendixRE offers additional capabilities with the traditional CRM solution to help users maintain the complex business relationships among companies and contacts and to manage real estate assets. It also helps investment companies make their investment products stand out in a highly competitive market.

AscendixRE offers general CRM features, such as contact management, contextual reporting and document management, and corporate real estate (CRE) features that include social CRM, preference tracking and matching, SSRS reporting and configurable dashboards. Additional features include marketing, property management, lease tracking, sales history tracking and analysis, availability and deal tracking, ad hoc lists, data de-duplication (to remove duplicate entries) and EDGE API availability (for third-party app integrations).


Nodus Technology offers CRM Charge to process and verify credit card and e-transactions in retail organizations. By verifying the payments in real-time, CRM Charge is able to process payments and transactions faster and in a secure manner. With Dynamics CRM, the core challenge of getting to know customer and bringing them into the store gets addressed.

CRM Charge provides tools for batch mode credit card verification, multiple payment gateways, and compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. It is a plug and play solution that doesn’t require complex coding and easily integrates with ERP, accounting and other back-end applications. CRM Charge also supports multiple payment gateways and processors, such as First Data GGe4, PayPal Payflow Pro, World Pay and USA ePay. CRM Charge also offers detailed reporting feature for generating transaction reports.

This article is a brief online directory of Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners for buyers who need resellers for training and implementation. To learn more about CRM solutions, check out our CRM buyer’s guide.

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and to find a partner for your industry, check out Microsoft’s CRM Partner page.

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