How a Mobile Recruiting Strategy Helps You and Your Candidates

By: Rhiân Davies on May 8, 2019

Here’s where we are: The job market is candidate-driven, and unemployment rates are extremely low. This means that talent acquisition of quality candidates is tougher than ever before.

Here’s what this means for recruiters: You need to make recruiting processes easier and more practical for candidates, and this means having a mobile recruiting strategy.

A majority of job seekers are already using mobile to search and apply for jobs—89 percent of job seekers believe that mobile devices are critical to their job search. Businesses that neglect a mobile recruitment strategy stand to lose 20 percent of potential applicants.

Moreover, effective mobile recruiting processes benefit both you and your candidates. In an age where the candidate experience is king, you need to be ready to engage with candidates on mobile and make their journey enjoyable. Businesses who implement a strong mobile recruiting strategy will convert more prospective candidates into applicants.

In this article we’ll look at how mobile recruiting features of applicant tracking systems and recruiting platforms can enable your mobile recruiting strategy.

What is a mobile recruiting strategy?

Having a mobile recruiting strategy means that you’re prepared to attract, engage, source and manage relationships with job seekers through mobile technology. This can range from mobile career sites and mobile job applications, to candidate tracking and screening.

Companies need to have a mobile recruiting strategy because it’s what job seekers want. Yet, over half of recruiters still don’t have mobile career websites, and only 10 percent are prioritizing mobile job application functionality within their budgets.



These stats are concerning because a mobile recruiting strategy not only helps your job seekers, but it helps you as recruiters and hiring managers too. Let’s take a look at some of the ways mobile recruiting features inside applicant tracking systems and recruiting platforms can help both you and your potential candidates.

Enables immediate contact

Job seekers are frustrated with companies that don’t respond to their job applications. While your ATS is stripping out candidates that don’t match your requirements, you may feel like you simply don’t have the time to reply to and/or reject each applicant—but there is a solution. With mobile recruiting features found in applicant tracking systems, it’s easy to connect with job applicants in a variety of ways.



Slide 1: Jobalign (Source)

Slide 2: Jobadder (Source)

Text messaging is one aspect of mobile recruiting that can connect you with candidates immediately. For example, Jobalign’s solution allows you to schedule interviews through text message in order to reach candidates faster on mobile.

Recruitment management platform Jobadder allows you to swipe left on candidates to reject them, which triggers a rejection email to be sent to the same candidate.

 How it benefits you:  Recruiters often underestimate how long it takes for applicants to fill out and submit job applications. When those applicants don’t hear back from you, they’re classing that as a bad candidate experience, and are sharing their opinions about your applicant process with the rest of the world.

By using the features that allow you to connect with candidate immediately, you’re not only providing a great candidate experience, but you’re more likely to establish a good relationship with successful candidates.

 How it benefits candidates:  Candidates are just as busy as you—searching and applying for positions takes time and patience. Responding to your candidates, successful or otherwise, demonstrates that you value their time. It’ll also give them more time to either prepare for the next step in your hiring process, or move on and focus on other applications.

Reduces time-to-fill

The average time-to-fill rate stands currently at around 36 days, and that’s without accounting for the time taken to complete the hiring and onboarding processes. Time-to-fill is an important metric to measure because it provides insight on how effective your current recruitment strategies are. It also allows you to strategically budget and plan for open positions and improve the candidate experience by reducing the length of the hiring process.



Slide 1: Workable (Source)

Slide 2: Smart Recruiters (Source)

Mobile recruiting apps can help recruiters move candidates along the pipeline faster. For example, once candidate reviews are complete, applicant tracking system Workable allows recruiters to schedule interviews through the same platform, and its interface lets users know how many candidates are awaiting a response, how many are not yet scheduled for interview and how many are ‘slipping away.’

Similarly, the SmartRecruiters platform enables users to collaborate on the hiring process through its mobile app, allowing users to score and approve candidates and set reminders to contact them.

 How it benefits you:  When your hiring process is too long, candidates are likely to become disengaged and frustrated, which can often push them to lose interest in you as a potential employer. Moving candidates through the pipeline in a more timely manner will enable you to nab qualified candidates before your competition.

 How it benefits candidates:  Candidates want quicker hiring processes—in fact, 82 percent want the entire process to take less than a month. With faster feedback and a faster journey through the hiring process, candidates are able to focus their attention on interviews and next steps.

Having a mobile recruiting strategy benefits both you and your candidates

Here’s the bottom line: If you don’t have a mobile recruiting strategy, you’re missing out on potential candidates. A mobile recruiting strategy helps you meet users’ needs and showcases candidates in the best way possible.

Mobile recruitment efforts allow you to engage candidates, streamline hiring processes and make collaborative hiring decision. Most importantly, it takes your jobs to where your already candidates are.

In today’s competitive talent market, recruiters need to leverage software that can help them remain responsive to candidates, and organize their mobile recruiting efforts.

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.