3 Best Namely Alternatives for HR Management

By: on April 13, 2020

Namely is a cloud-based human resources (HR) management solution for midsize businesses. It helps manage HR, payroll, compliance, and employee benefits via a single platform. Its human resource information system (HRIS) offers a social news feed, time-off tracking, a centralized employee database, a consolidated company calendar, resource management, and automated workflow approval. The solution’s payroll module assists with automatic benefits deduction, local, state, and federal payroll tax-filing, and year-end ACA reporting, among other functions.

Many reviewers on Software Advice say that Namely is easy to use and effective in administering benefits programs, while others say that the software’s features are hard to customize and reported issues when integrating the payroll module with the HRIS. Whether or not you’ve encountered issues such as these, it’s never a bad idea to explore the market and some Namely alternatives before making your purchase decision.

To help with your search, we analyzed HR solutions from our FrontRunners report to recommend the top three Namely alternatives (presented alphabetically below). All three products have similar features and comparable pricing to Namely. You can read our full selection methodology here.

Top 3 Namely alternatives:

  1. Netchex
  2. Paycor
  3. Zenefits
Top Namely alternatives for HR management

Report: 2021 FrontRunners for HR Software

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1. Netchex

Netchex is a cloud-based HR management solution for businesses of all sizes. It allows users to automate several HR functions, including employee records management, recruitment, payroll, benefits, and tax compliance.

Job posting in Netchex


Job posting in Netchex (Source)


Netchex’s payroll management feature offers flexible payment options—direct deposits, standard live checks, and paycards—for businesses to pay their employees. Its benefits management feature allows users to send auto-filled and electronically signed documents to benefits providers, thereby eliminating any manual paperwork involved in the process. The software also offers a self-service portal that employees can use to access benefits information. This portal also reduces administrative workload by answering common employee queries.

We analyzed user reviews of Netchex to understand what buyers like and identify areas they feel need improvement. Here’s what we found.

What users liked:

  • The payroll module is comprehensive and helps process different components of employee payroll.
  • Product features can be customized based on business requirements.

What users would like to see:

  • Reports that are easy to configure and customize.
  • Easier setup and implementation.

2. Paycor

Paycor is a cloud-based HR management solution for small and midsize businesses. It helps manage HR functions such as recruitment, onboarding, benefits management, learning management, payroll, time and attendance tracking, and reporting.

Recruitment management in Paycor


Recruitment management in Paycor (Source)


Paycor’s applicant tracking system (ATS) helps HR personnel create career pages, post vacancies across job boards, collect and record applicant details, parse resumes, and communicate with candidates via email and text message. Users can also manage candidate applications received from recruitment agencies and employee referrals. The product includes a learning management system that lets users design and publish employee development courses.

We analyzed user reviews of Paycor to understand what buyers like and identify areas they feel need improvement. Here’s what we found.

What users liked:

  • The solution has a short learning curve.
  • Its payroll management functionality is easy to use.

What users would like to see:

  • A more responsive customer support team.
  • A more intuitive and user-friendly mobile app.

3. Zenefits

Zenefits is a cloud-based HR management software tool for businesses of all sizes. It helps manage employee records, payroll, benefits, and time and attendance tracking, among other functions.

Managing benefits programs in Zenefits


Managing benefits programs in Zenefits (Source)


Zenefits offers an employee directory wherein HR personnel can create employee profiles to store personal information and employment details. Users can also create an org chart to arrange employees based on job designation/function. The product’s benefits management functionality helps administer benefits such as health insurance, 401k, and life and disability insurance. Once benefits plans are finalized by a company’s HR department, they are automatically reflected in employee payroll information.

We analyzed user reviews of Zenefits to understand what buyers like and identify areas they feel need improvement. Here’s what we found.

What users liked:

  • Onboarding employees is quick and easy.
  • Benefits advisors are responsive and help implement benefits programs.

What users would like to see:

  • A few users feel that the organization chart and geofencing features could be improved for the mobile app.
  • Faster customer support for tech-related queries.

Next steps: Selecting a Namely alternative that’s right for your business

Now that you’ve read about these three top Namely alternatives, the next step is to select the one that best fits your unique business requirements. Use the following approach to do just that:

  • Set a budget for HR software: Designate an annual budget for implementing an HR solution. Contact the vendors on your software shortlist to get a rough estimate of the annual total cost of ownership (TCO), and eliminate products that fall outside your budget.
  • Read user reviews: From there, read user reviews on Software Advice to learn about each solution’s advantages and disadvantages from the experiences of actual software buyers.

To compare more products, visit our HR software catalog or FrontRunners report.

Product selection methodology

To identify the products mentioned on the list, we used the following methodology:

  1. We selected all the products featured on our HR FrontRunners report and compared their features against these key features offered by Namely: employee profiles, employee database, reporting, employee self-service (ESS), HR analytics, payroll management, benefits administration, time and attendance management, onboarding, performance management, and employee scheduling. We filtered out products that didn’t meet this criterion.
  2. Thereafter, we compared the base price of each qualifying product to ensure it was similar to Namely’s.
  3. For all shortlisted products, we used monthly Google search volume to identify our top three recommendations.

Note: The content in this piece provides the opinions and points of view expressed by users. It doesn’t represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Software Advice or its affiliates.

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