Top-Recommended PlanGrid Competitors for Construction Management

By: on January 31, 2019

The vast differences in software functionality and pricing make it tough for small construction businesses to select the right software. There are various factors that they have to consider:

  • Should they buy a best-of-the-breed construction estimating solution?
  • Or should they go for a full construction software suite that comes with built-in cost estimation functionality?
  • What kind of third-party integrations should they look for in a construction management tool?

When purchasing construction management software, failing to ask the right questions about functionality, pricing and support will get you the wrong solution. To ensure you find the best-suited software for your business, thoroughly compare four to five options and choose the one that fits best.

One popular construction management solution is PlanGrid, which has a 4.5 out of 5 rating from Software Advice users. It offers project collaboration functionalities that help contractors, engineers and designers capture, share and work on construction project documents such as site drawings, RFIs and photos.

However, PlanGrid might not be the right tool for every small business. For instance, firms looking to manage project finances should explore tools with cost estimating functionalities. Similarly, construction companies that need to manage subcontractors should check for third-party integrations of proposal and bid management systems.

To help small businesses make better purchase decisions, we created this report with the top five most-recommend alternatives to PlanGrid. The solutions were shortlisted according to the user ratings on Software Advice, and they’re presented alphabetically.

Check out how these alternatives are similar to—and different from—PlanGrid and what users like and dislike about them.

Top 5 Most-Recommended Alternatives to PlanGrid:


ClearEstimates: Cost Estimation Solution for Remodelers and Contractors

ClearEstimates is a cost estimation tool for small and midsize contractors. It offers features such as a preloaded cost database library for quickly calculating estimated project costs and an automated proposal generator with prewritten contractual templates.

ClearEstimates is suitable for remodelers and contractors that are looking to automate cost estimation and proposal generation.

Both ClearEstimates and PlanGrid offer similar construction management features such as client management, labor/material cost tracking and document management.

But ClearEstimates offers a few special features such as built-in integration with cost data book, RemodelMAX, and an automated proposal writer to help businesses create bid proposals faster. PlanGrid, on the other hand, focuses more on workforce management, helping project managers plan, assign and track tasks of employee on construction sites.

Check out the graphic below to see which features users of ClearEstimates like best, and what features users think need to be improved.

PlanGrid alternatives - ClearEstimates

CoConstruct: Project Collaboration and Communication Tool

CoConstruct is a construction management tool that offers features such as cost estimation, project scheduling, job tracking, bid management, document management and client communication.

CoConstruct is designed for builders and remodelers, and is intended to help them easily manage projects and collaborate with clients.

CoConstruct and PlanGrid improve project communication and document collaboration. Both allow team members to centrally store and share job status, site blueprints, drawings and photographs. This ensures that everyone, including project managers, site workers and clients, are up-to-date on the project’s progress.

However, the suitability of each solution differs based on the size and scale of your projects. CoConstruct is typically for home builders and remodelers who need a cost estimation solution that also manages client communication. Meanwhile, PlanGrid is better at managing and tracking the work of field staff and project documentation.

Check out the graphic below to understand the features that users like about CoConstruct and some features that they feel need improvement.

Plan Grid alternatives - CoConstruct

EasyPricePro: Estimating Tool for Specialty Contractors

EasyPricePro is a full-suite construction solution that offers functionalities such as estimating, project management and bid management.

Specialty contractors, including home builders, plumbers and electricians, can use this tool to quickly create project cost estimation reports.

Both EasyPricePro and PlanGrid help contractors manage project documentation. This includes centrally accessing documents such as RFIs, field reports, legal documents and contracts.

But there are some differences as well. EasyPricePro looks like a spreadsheet and offers cost database libraries to help homebuilders, electricians and other specialty contractors manage project accounting. Meanwhile, PlanGrid is an online repository where businesses can store key information such as task schedules and RFIs.

The graphic below highlights the features that users like about EasyPricePro and which functionalities they think can be improved:

Plan Grid alternatives - EasyPricePro

ePROMIS: ERP Solution for Large Construction Projects

ePROMIS is designed to help construction companies manage various processes, including construction accounting, payroll and project management.

ePROMIS is a full-suite solution that different teams, such as core construction project teams and HR professionals, as well as sales and financial teams, can use to manage projects.

PlanGrid and ePROMIS have some similar features such as project status reporting (includes task tracking of field service agents) and document management.

However, ePROMIS is suited for large businesses that need extensive project tracking and financial reporting capabilities. On the other hand, PlanGrid is more suited to small and midsize businesses and helps them improve their project documentation tracking.

Below is a graphic that lists what users like about ePROMIS and some improvements they would like to see.

Plan Grid alternatives - ePROMIS

Tradify: Project Scheduling and Time Tracking Solution

Tradify is a solution for small businesses that offers project management and construction accounting. Its other features include cost estimation, job scheduling, billing/invoicing, cost tracking, time tracking and team communication.

Tradify is a tool for small businesses that want to move on from managing construction projects on Excel or using accounting solutions.

Both Tradify and PlanGrid help small businesses track project performance and consolidate documentation in a single location. They have dashboards to schedule day-to-day tasks of on-site employees and streamline the sharing of project documents.

However, PlanGrid focuses on boosting productivity and communication with workers in the field with features such as document sharing and editing via mobile applications. On the other hand, Tradify is better for efficiently managing the workforce (i.e., tracking hours for on-site employees) and project accounting (i.e., creating job costing reports).

The following graphic shows the features that users at Software Advice like about Tradify and a few features that they would like to see improved:

Plan Grid alternatives - Tradify

Next Steps

To learn more about the above construction management solutions, such as overall user ratings for ease of use, customer support, functionality and value for money, check out their individual profile pages on Software Advice.

Click any of the products below to go to their profile pages:

Further, read our buyer’s guide on construction management solutions to gain a better understanding of the features and pricing of similar products. The solutions listed on this page should also help you understand the market a bit better.

And if you want to know more about a particular product or understand the landscape of construction management solutions in greater detail, talk to our software advisors for free and no-obligation advice. All it takes is a 15-minute call to (844) 847-3290.

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